Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eine Mission


Why am I here?
I want to go home.

Nobody listens,
Nobody cares.

Nothing but aching feet and a frustrated heart

Why am I here?

To search? To find?

On streets,
In busses,
On trains,
In houses.


But . . .

They can’t see.
They don’t understand.
They won’t follow.

So I still don’t understand,
Why am I here?

To search. 

On streets,
In busses,
On trains,
In houses

And find:
Myself and my Lord

For He listens,
and He cares.

He’s warning me,
Teaching me,
Inviting me,
and pleading with me.

Through the aching feet and frustrated heart.

Will I see,
Will I understand,
Will I follow,
Why am I here?
So I can go home.

To the Warmth,
the Light,
and the Son.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Trip

This week the Mrs. and I went to the District (for you uneducated people, that’s Washington D.C.).  I learned/observed the following:


1.       The Washington Wizards are not good.  In fact, they’re painfully ungood.

2.       The last Twilight Movie is actually very enjoyable (much more enjoyable than watching a Wizards game for example).  If I had to rate the movies, it would be as follows

a.       Eclipse

b.      Breaking Dawn part two

c.       Twilight

d.      Breaking Dawn part one

e.      New Moon

3.       Not to stereotype, but compared to just about every other race, white people come off as pretty grumpy and/or ornery (unless they’re drunk).   I wonder why that is.

4.       After seeing all the exhibits, etc. I decided that the U.S. of A. really isn’t that bad, even if most Utah Republicans are convinced that our government is going to collapse in the next week or so.

5.       I cannot believe how many museum displays have Richard Nixon in them.  That dude is one popular guy.

6.       Speaking of popular, I fail to understand why JFK was so popular.  I really wonder if the only reason he is so well-known is because he was shot.

7.       The Mrs. is amazing.  She basically planned and organized the whole trip.  If it were left up to me, I don’t think we would have even made it to the aeroport

8.       My favorite places (in order)

a.       Our breakfast buffet every morning

b.      The Capitol building

c.       Arlington National Cemetery

d.      The Newseum

e.      Smithsonian American History Museum (except for about half the museum was under renovation which was sad).

9.       Pretty sure the National Archives had the best gift shop. 


And that’s all.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Der Held (in honor of Veteran's Day)

They're among us.
But not everyone.

We must search,
but they're there.


But they're not who we think.
Not often famous,
nor rich.

No, these things do not create heroes.

Greatness creates heroes.
And greatness is not fame,
or money.

Greatness is:

Find them,
the heroes,
the great ones.

Sometimes they're hidden,
because greatness is not loud.

But find them,
Watch them,
Learn from them.

They serve
They act
They rise
They lead

Not perfect,
of course.
But they're great,
our heroes.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Journey

A journey begins,

"For all eternity"
A simple phrase

But not simple.

What do I bring to the journey?

Or none of these?

He that will find his life must lose:
Pride, selfishness.

"I want what you want,
There isn't any me any more,
just what you want."

The goal.
The challenge.

And love sustains,
and remains.

Always together,
We climb, we fall,
We continue,
We conquer!

And in the end

Friday, October 26, 2012

Would He Be Proud?

Where is he now?
I wonder . . .


All of those.

He's missed,
and he's missed:

Grand kids,

So many things to say,
to discuss,
to tell.

But mostly to ask,
"Are you proud?"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It has been a little bit of time since I wrote here.  You’re welcome. 

A few items:

- I just watched a google chrome commercial.  I cried.  Since when do commercials make me cry?  I’ve watched it five times in a row.  I’m pathetic.

- I watched the presidential debate yesterday.  It marked my 20th anniversary of watching presidential debates.  My first: Bush vs. Clinton.  I remember watching and thinking Bush had done really well but then listening to the analysis and finding out that the news people said Clinton did better.  I was so upset.  I still think they were wrong.

- The MLB playoffs start this weekend.  The most depressing playoff series I’ve ever watched: Reds vs. Athletics in 1990.  I still haven’t recovered (honorable mention: Yankees vs. Braves 1996 and Braves vs. Twins 1991).

- I’ve decided that I’m slowly becoming anti-er technology.  I was always anti, now I’m anti-er.

- I’m watching USC play the U of U.  I sure do hope the Utes lose. 

- I’m so excited for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite day.  Heaven better have something like Christmas. 

- My question is: where do networks come up with their sports commentators?  Some are horrible.  How is it possible to be hired to speak in front of millions of people when the lack of mental ability is so obvious?  I’ll never understand these things.

- I’m now watching this special on being gluten free stuff.  I had a gluten free pizza once.  It was disgusting.  I really thought I was going to die. 

And that’s all.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Night time.

The Mrs. has gone to Mexico so here I sit watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I forgot how much I love them.  I love them.

Anyway, school starts exactly three weeks from today.  I’m ready.

I just saw a commercial for a movie called Wreck it Ralph.  How do people come up with stuff so dumb?

What I really like is the song they (and by “they” I mean some people at NBC) play every time they show the women’s gymnastics team.  It’s called “Home” by some American Idol guy.  

My biggest fear in teaching is to stand up in front of my students with my zipper down.  That would be not good.  But I know that it’s inevitable.  I can only hope they (and by “they” I mean my students) don’t laugh too hard. 

I just saw a trailer for The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Where do people come up with this stuff?

I'm to “Home” again.  It’s good.  It reminds me of the types of songs I would listen to at PDC’s house with him and Lane while Frandsen flirted with the girls.

I just saw a commercial from the Republican National Committee about the faults of Barack Obama.  I still don’t know for whom I’m going to vote.  I think I’ll write in somebody like I did last time.  I’m thinking Jared Wright would be a good option.

I actually like some of these commercials during the Olympics.  Since when did commercials actually become worth watching?  One about greatness by Nike.  I liked that one.

I should just let you know, I’m not a Michael Phelps fan.

I just saw another movie trailer: Hotel Transylvania.  Are you kidding me?

If I get to heaven, I’m just going to go around meeting people.  Five that I’m going to find on my first day (if they’re there and if I'm there):
            - Arthur Ashe
            - Winston Churchill
            - George Washington
            - Joan of Arc
            - Oliver Cowdery

 And it’s 12:45 a.m.  My DVR of the Olympics is finished.  Bed where are you?

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mrs. and my sister Karen are currently watching the last episode of this season’s “The Bachelorette” (however you spell it).  I am not.  Regrettably, Holden is also watching, which makes me want to throw up.  I bet my brother Spencer also watched, which is even more disgusting.

Oh well.  Life goes on. 

Here’s what you need to know for this week:

- I got in a car wreck last Tuesday.  Yep, it was a real doosy (I don’t know how to spell that word either).  I got five staples in my head, a completely ruined car, lots of brownies and cookies, lots of burns on my arms from the airbag (which, according to the Utah Highway Patrol person, saved my life, not the burns, the airbag), a concussion (from hitting my head on the windshield because I was, as the people say, “unrestrained”), a cut on my knee, my first ct scan, and several different medications.

- I’m almost excited for the Olympics.  If I hear the theme song a few more times, I think I might get there. 

- I think holidays in July are way overrated.  How am I supposed to celebrate anything when I’m about to die from heat stroke? 

- The Mrs. says I’m arrogant and that I’m too weak to have been a pioneer.  I humbly disagree. 

- Deep, deep, deep down, I kind of want USA basketball to lose.  Wouldn’t that be funny? 

- I would just like the world to know that just because Mitt Romney is a Mormon it doesn’t automatically make him a good president. (The opposite, of course, is also probably true.  As to which opposite, that’s for you to decide.)

- New movies to hit the “Wright’s Recommendation List”
            - Dan in Real Life
            - That Thing You Do
            - Blood Diamond (edited of course)
            - Invictus

- The Mrs. has finally come to the point where she no longer hates Goshen.  In her words, “I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it either.”  Such progress.

- Ichiro just got traded to the Yankees.  I hate my life.

- I’m Andrew Wright and I’m a Mormon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

When I Grow Up

I’m currently reading a book by Jim Abbott.  It’s really good.  Reading it made me think of what I want to be when I grow up.

10 Things I want to be when I grow up:

- A writer.  Preferably of short stories, maybe a few poems here and there.  And two novels.

- A college soccer coach.  Small college, somewhere back East.

- A major league baseball pitcher.  Starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves is what I’d like, but I think I’d settle for the Tigers or Royals.

- A gentleman.  You know, like Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird.

- One of those guys with the deep voices who announces movie titles on movie trailers.

- A high school history teacher.  Maybe in Utah County.

- A resident of England . . . or Scotland . . . or Wales.  I’d settle for any of those three places. 

- An actor in the musical Les Miserables.  Actually, I wouldn’t even mind being a janitor on the stage where Les Miserables takes place.  Basically, just associated with that musical in some way would be fine.

- An advisor to some big-wig politician.  Preferably at a national level. 

- A stocker in a grocery store.  Any grocery store would be okay as long it isn’t one of those health food stores. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Boss

Today’s the Day.

10 Things I Miss About My Dad:

1. I miss his church talks and lessons.  He was a great speaker.

2. I miss seeing him interact with little kids.  Before his sickness, I’m not sure there existed a better grandpa.

3. I miss his glasses.  I don’t think he ever got a new pair.

4. I miss his coming to my games.  And his yelling at my games.   

5. I miss our temple trips to the initiatory every Wednesday night.

6. I miss how he made everybody, especially the people who felt most out of place, feel welcome.

7. I miss seeing him take care of my mom.  Now that I’m a husband, I realize I have a long way to go.

8. I miss “That’s a good back”

9. I miss watching TV and movies with him. 

10. I miss him.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear People,

I have a few things to say

A. For the first time in my life, I'm going to cheer for LeBron James.
 Reasons why I choose the Heat:
1. After this series, I dislike LeBron a lot less than I used to.  He grew up and matured this last year and I can respect that.
2. I do not like Russell Westbrook.
3. The Thunder beat the Spurs and I'm still bitter.
4. I like Dwayne Wade and Pat Riley.
5. I do not like Russell Westbrook

B. Me and the Mrs. and Holden (plus all of my immediate family) went to the Disneyland and that other park this week.  First time in 23 years for me.  I liked it more than I thought I would.

Reasons why I didn't hate Disneyland:
1. Soarin was my favorite by far.  Screamin took second
2. I loved the old school Disneyland rides.  The Mrs. thinks they're boring.  She never made it to Neverland.
3. Playing in the ocean with the brothers, et al was very fun (the blisters from the sunburn weren't so much, but still worth it).
4. Holden likes me a lot more when I'm taking him on rides at Disneyland.  Crazy huh.
5. The Disney Jr. show and Bugs Life movie were way cooler than expected.
6. Eating McDonald's.  Not because it was in Disneyland, but because eating McDonald's is always a highlight in life and is an event to be savored.

C. Every time a major soccer tournament comes around I'm reminded of how much I love major soccer tournaments.  It's the Euro Cup this week.

Reasons why I love the Euro Cup:
1. I love England.  They never win, but I still love them.  When they played U.S. in the World Cup, I cheered for England.  If I had a choice, I would live there.  I lived there for a couple of months one day and I loved it.
2. Soccer games don't have commercials (except for halftime, but that's when I go get my snacks and use the restroom so I miss them all anyway).
3. I can watch it and rationalize that I'm working and receiving job training.
4. It's a beautiful game.

D. School ended two weeks ago.  I miss it.

Reasons why I miss teaching high school:
1. It's fun.
2. I don't get to hear the wisdom of Jeremy Chapman, Shawn Johnson, and Clint Peery every day.
3. Since nobody goes to church in Goshen, the high school is where I get to talk to all of my neighbors.
4. I get to practice my German (my wife just ignores me when I speak German and Holden just laughs).
5. Teaching is one of the few things I can do without embarrassing myself.  When I'm not teaching I'm basically useless (except I think I do a decent job of stocking grocery stores and vacuuming out dirty pools).

And that's all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, the Mrs. has gone to California so here I sit watching the Pacers play the Heat (and oh how I dislike those Heat). Anyway, since she’s abandoned me for the next couple of days, I’ve decided to write about the top ten reasons the Mrs. is so amazing

(Editor’s Note: These aren’t the only reasons, just the top ones).

The Mrs. is amazing because:

- She puts up with my being one of the biggest airheads in the world and forgetting just about everything of importance.

- She watches NBA playoff basketball with me and actually likes it (and if she doesn’t, she does an amazing job of faking it).

- She makes sure I don’t become apostate.

- She puts up with my being slightly crazy and a little bit weird (which, by the way, is a lot easier said than done).

- She takes the time to get to know some of my students (which is important to me because when my students get to know the Mrs., they realize that since she agreed to marry me I must have at least one redeeming quality, which may or may not be true)

- She’s incredibly nice to my family (which, considering the socially handicapped nature of my family, is no easy task).

- She does my laundry (and makes sure I dress at least semi-fashionably).

- She’s really, really smart (I was going to say “she’s smarter than me” but that’s really not much of a compliment).

- She puts up with living in the Goshe (no cell phone service, no shopping, no nothing).

- and finally, she’s really, really pretty.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Movies, etc

The Mrs., Little Chad, and I just went and watched The Avengers. It was decent. Although honestly, the way everybody talked about it, I thought it was going to be amazing. It wasn't. Anyway, it got me to thinking about movies. Here's what I have to say. - I watched Saturday's Warrior yesterday. I cried like eight times. Considering the era in which it was made, available funds, and available technology, I'm pretty sure it was one of the best Mormon movies ever. Really. No joke. I'll argue that point with anyone. - Speaking of Mormonified movies that I watched recently, Seventeen Miracles is also a great movie. I couldn't have been a pioneer. No way. I would have done one of two things: 1) Turned back 2) Not even started. No way are the things I have to go through as hard as that. No way (for the second time). - I'm still obsessed with Inception. - The Mrs. and I watched the Titanic the other week to celebrate the 100th anniversary (she edited it for me). It was okay. However, how it broke box office records is beyond me. Not even on my top 100 movies of all time. That said, I love Leo so it was worth it. - Just so you know, I hate the Yankees. - Do you know what Mormon movieette that I need to watch again? The Phone Call. So good. You can watch it at You most definitely won't regret it. It's kind of the story of my high school life. Anyway, that's all for now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Miss

Disclaimer: The first thing you should know is that I really quite enjoy my life. The Mrs. is great, Holden is great (when he doesn’t hate me), and my job is great (when they don’t hate me). However, I, by nature, am a pretty nostalgic person. Thus, this is a list of things from my life that I sometimes miss (and probably underappreciated as they were happening)

What I miss . . .

From Elementary School:

Fourth and fifth grade basketball on the playground with the likes of Jason Ford, Isaac Watters, Kimball Rawson, Jonny Colbert, Jeff Richey, Jacob Jensen, and others. Weather permitting we were out there just about every day at lunch and afternoon recess.

Our old white house at 375 East 350 North Salem, UT. To this day I still have dreams at night about moving back there and I’m still depressed when I wake up.

Mrs. Castleberry’s class. She was one of the best teachers of all time.

Little League Baseball. I was quite the pitcher back in my day (I think the batters were just so focused on my big buck teeth and huge glasses that they lost track of the ball).

From Middle School and Jr. High School:

Absolutely nothing.

From High School:

Hanging out with the likes of PDC, Homedog, Rodubb, L-Train, Jeffrey, Dean, G-Kent, and Stephen. I tell you that those were some good times. I mostly just enjoyed the late nights and the music. We listened to some good music back then. How I was ever lucky enough to hangout with such a great group of people is beyond me. If my kids can find such friends, they will be in good hands.

Working at the Spanish Fork Community Water Park. I could vacuum the Spanish Fork Pool with amazing skill and accuracy. I still don’t think they’ve found someone to match me.

Utah Valley Children’s Choir. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed waking up on a Saturday at 7:00 a.m. as much as I did back in the day. Those were some good days sitting on the comfy white chairs while the women folk had to sit on those hard benches.

Mr. Francom and AP Biology. One of the top ten teachers of all time. Jaime Escalante has got nothing on him I tell you. If I’m ever half as good a teacher as the Franconator, I’ll be pretty pleased.

To be continued . . .

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today was a good day. I’ve decided to here list some of my best days (or moments). Editor’s Note: Sometimes I couldn’t remember the exact date, so you’ll have to settle for month and year.

- November 19, 2010: The day I married the Mrs. My students are still surprised that someone like her would even agree to talk to someone like me.

- February 4, 2009: Goshen, UT 84633 became my new address (this is probably the Mrs. least favorite day of her life which is ironic right).

- Middle of January, 1993: First day of P.E. class in sixth grade. In sixth grade I had no friends and looked just like a kid who would have no friends. It was rough. But on the first day of P.E. class I won the game of lightening (and there were some pretty cool kids in that class). It is likely the greatest sporting accomplishment in my life.

- March 20, 1995: Tyus Edney made a layup on Missouri as the time expired in the NCAA tournament. It was the most amazing sports moment in my life. Not really sure why, but it was. I can still remember how badly I wanted UCLA to win, but how convinced I was that they would lose. I also remember that nobody else in my family was watching because it was Sunday and the home teachers had just arrived.

- Early January, 2000: This was the day I tried out for the Brigham Young Folk Dance Team. I was a horrible dancer then and haven’t improved much since, but here I am 11 countries, four states, lots of elementary schools, way too many credits (25 to be exact), hundreds of friends, and one Mr. Payson Pageant later wondering what life would have been without folk dance. (This is probably the Mrs. 2nd least favorite day).

- Late May, 1996: We arrived in England on my first tour with the Utah Valley Concert Choir. Those 16 days remain the best vacation/tour I have ever been on. I will never, ever forget the New Atlantic Hotel. Ever.

- Late August, 1995: It was the first day of ninth grade. A kid named Stephen Frandsen descended from his platform of the coolest kid in the school to talk to little old me in orchestra class. It changed my life.

- December 25, 2002: My white Christmas in Switzerland. It was a beautiful day.

- Late April, 2007: Mr. Benjamin Ford of Payson, Utah called me at the home and told me that, for some unknown reason (which he probably still regrets), they wanted to hire me as a history teacher at Payson High School. Boy did I not have a clue what I was in for.

- June 29th, 2000: I got my mission call to the Switzerland Zurich Mission German speaking. I didn’t really have a clue of what I was in for that time either.

- December 25th, 1989: My first and only Christmas in the greatest country in the world. Seven of the best months of my life. I miss it . . . still. How was I not born in England? Life is so unfair sometimes.

- June 14th, 2010: Me and the Mrs. had our first kiss (hopefully this isn’t the Mrs. least favorite day).

I hope I didn't leave out any days. If I did, I'll get them next week.

Monday, January 30, 2012

What I've Learned

Hello. I will write.

What I learned from various sources over the last couple of months:

. . . from Gilmore Girls—Smooth guys are morons (examples: Jess, Dean, Max, Christopher, etc.) whereas awkward guys are awesome (examples: Luke, Zach, Kirk, Marty, yes, especially Marty).

. . . from The Fox and the Hound—Don’t become friends with dogs.

. . . from Jeopardy—I am not smart. But a lot of people on Jeopardy aren’t particularly smart either. In fact it’s sometimes kind of embarrassing.

. . . from We Bought a Zoo—Even movies with ridiculous names can be good.

. . . from the Republican Primaries—Stay away from Tea Partyists. Anyone who backs the Newt can’t be trusted.

. . . from the Goshe—Drinkable water is highly overrated.

. . . from the NFL—Make sure you have a good field goal kicker. They’re pretty useless for 99 percent of the game, but that one percent, boy is it important.

. . . from the Mrs.—The key to happiness is learning to do the dishes.

. . . from A Farewell to Arms—Don’t ever read books by Ernest Hemingway. Ever. Unless you want to be depressed out of your mind.

. . . from the NBA—People are crazy. Don’t complain about people making a lot of money when you’re the one giving them the money.

. . . from coaching—Winning isn’t nearly as exciting as losing is painful.

. . . from living in Utah—Always have two things in your car: a winter coat and suntan lotion.

And that’s all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness

Hello. I have a goal. Write more often. I will.

- Currently I’m watching the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate. Interesting. I like Santorum

- I was just watching The Fox and the Hound. I find that movie interesting.

- I really wish that there were more Harry Potter movies/books. I miss them all, especially Snape and Dumbledore.

- Here’s my rating of prominent males on Gilmore Girls (who knows if the spelling right).
1. Luke
2. Zack
3. Kurt
4. Everybody else except . . .
104. Dean
105. Jess

- By the way, Gilmore Girls is an interesting show. Not sure what I think about it yet.

- Sometimes I think it’s crazy that I’m a step dad. Who’d of thunk (apparently according to my spell check “thunk” isn’t a word, which just goes to show that nobody consulted anybody in Goshen when they created these spell check thingers).

- I should go to bed. It’s 11:00 p.m. and all I’m doing is listening to Newt Gingrich talk. Why did I stop watching The Fox and the Hound? I just don’t understand myself.

- I’m going to watch Anderson Cooper 360.

- But before I do, let me just say that I think this is the worst NFL season in my lifetime. I cried last night when the Niners and the Ravens lost (well, not really, but almost, and I’m pretty sure my brother Spencer did).

And that's all

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear People,

Here are my thoughts:

1. If Newt Gingrich becomes the President of the United States I’m moving to Africa.

2. I’m still not sure I want Romney to win the nomination. I don’t know if I could handle the pressure of my religion being judged by just one person in such a highly scrutinized position (if that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t).

3. Conclusion: I’m voting for Ron Paul.

4. But to more important things, I really, really want the 49ers or the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. If it’s the Patriots or Giants, I’m moving to Africa.