Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Vacation

Last week, the Mrs. and I went with her family to the San Diego for a little family vacation.  Here are the highlights:

- Not getting in any wrecks. (I don’t care what anybody says, I’ll take Utah drivers over California crazies any day).

- Getting to play a little sand volleyball with the Quesenberry clan.  All my years of attending young single adult institute sure did pay off.

- Playing a little pick-up basketball with the local San Diegans.  Their language was about as intolerable as my shooting.

- Going to my second major league baseball game.  It just happened to be the night Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter.  It was awesome, definitely my favorite sporting moment of all time (passing up UCLA vs. Missouri in the 1995 NCAA tournament which I didn’t think would ever get passed up).  Course, it would have been even better if we’d stayed the whole game, but apparently some in the group were bored so we left after the seventh (I know, but what can you do.)

- Going with the Mrs. to the San Diego temple to complete some initiatories.  I realize the Lord prefers His temple filled, but it sure was nice not having to wait an hour before getting in.

- Visiting the Mormon Battalion visitor’s center.  It was pretty rad.  I couldn’t handle being a sister missionary there and talking to the wall all day, but it was still worth the price of admission.

- Convincing Gemma Grace that she doesn’t have to scream at me every time I hold her.  In fact, by the end of the trip, I think she might have even smiled at me once or twice.

- Roasting marshmallows on the beach (well, we didn’t actually roast them on the beach because that would be kind of disgusting).

- Eating real German Spaetzle at Oma and Opa’s.  It was real good.  With the exception of McDonalds, American food just doesn’t match up to European.

- Watching Rise of the Guardians in the van as the Mrs. battled rush hour LA traffic.  The movie was actually surprisingly good.  I cried.

- Going with the Terror, Leigh, and the Mrs. to eat a Doener Kebab in downtown San Diego.  It was so good (minus the cucumbers).  Just like the good ole days.  I could almost picture myself in a shirt and tie, listening to techno music, and trying to figure out how many people had ignored me that day.

- Jogging around Mission Bay.  Personally I think whoever lives in California must have rocks in their head.  But I wouldn’t mind a jog like that every morning.

And that will do for now.