Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Miss

Disclaimer: The first thing you should know is that I really quite enjoy my life. The Mrs. is great, Holden is great (when he doesn’t hate me), and my job is great (when they don’t hate me). However, I, by nature, am a pretty nostalgic person. Thus, this is a list of things from my life that I sometimes miss (and probably underappreciated as they were happening)

What I miss . . .

From Elementary School:

Fourth and fifth grade basketball on the playground with the likes of Jason Ford, Isaac Watters, Kimball Rawson, Jonny Colbert, Jeff Richey, Jacob Jensen, and others. Weather permitting we were out there just about every day at lunch and afternoon recess.

Our old white house at 375 East 350 North Salem, UT. To this day I still have dreams at night about moving back there and I’m still depressed when I wake up.

Mrs. Castleberry’s class. She was one of the best teachers of all time.

Little League Baseball. I was quite the pitcher back in my day (I think the batters were just so focused on my big buck teeth and huge glasses that they lost track of the ball).

From Middle School and Jr. High School:

Absolutely nothing.

From High School:

Hanging out with the likes of PDC, Homedog, Rodubb, L-Train, Jeffrey, Dean, G-Kent, and Stephen. I tell you that those were some good times. I mostly just enjoyed the late nights and the music. We listened to some good music back then. How I was ever lucky enough to hangout with such a great group of people is beyond me. If my kids can find such friends, they will be in good hands.

Working at the Spanish Fork Community Water Park. I could vacuum the Spanish Fork Pool with amazing skill and accuracy. I still don’t think they’ve found someone to match me.

Utah Valley Children’s Choir. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed waking up on a Saturday at 7:00 a.m. as much as I did back in the day. Those were some good days sitting on the comfy white chairs while the women folk had to sit on those hard benches.

Mr. Francom and AP Biology. One of the top ten teachers of all time. Jaime Escalante has got nothing on him I tell you. If I’m ever half as good a teacher as the Franconator, I’ll be pretty pleased.

To be continued . . .