Monday, January 30, 2012

What I've Learned

Hello. I will write.

What I learned from various sources over the last couple of months:

. . . from Gilmore Girls—Smooth guys are morons (examples: Jess, Dean, Max, Christopher, etc.) whereas awkward guys are awesome (examples: Luke, Zach, Kirk, Marty, yes, especially Marty).

. . . from The Fox and the Hound—Don’t become friends with dogs.

. . . from Jeopardy—I am not smart. But a lot of people on Jeopardy aren’t particularly smart either. In fact it’s sometimes kind of embarrassing.

. . . from We Bought a Zoo—Even movies with ridiculous names can be good.

. . . from the Republican Primaries—Stay away from Tea Partyists. Anyone who backs the Newt can’t be trusted.

. . . from the Goshe—Drinkable water is highly overrated.

. . . from the NFL—Make sure you have a good field goal kicker. They’re pretty useless for 99 percent of the game, but that one percent, boy is it important.

. . . from the Mrs.—The key to happiness is learning to do the dishes.

. . . from A Farewell to Arms—Don’t ever read books by Ernest Hemingway. Ever. Unless you want to be depressed out of your mind.

. . . from the NBA—People are crazy. Don’t complain about people making a lot of money when you’re the one giving them the money.

. . . from coaching—Winning isn’t nearly as exciting as losing is painful.

. . . from living in Utah—Always have two things in your car: a winter coat and suntan lotion.

And that’s all.


kristen kathleen said...

I concur with the Hemingway comment. I read "Farewell to Arms" in 2010 and my heart/soul/psyche/etc. is still trying to recover. Not sure that will happen. It's been a long time since the folk dance days, but I always enjoy reading your posts - just thought you should know. Hope you and the Mrs. are well!

Janneke said...

hahaha... loved the last one skinny. So true!