Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today was a good day. I’ve decided to here list some of my best days (or moments). Editor’s Note: Sometimes I couldn’t remember the exact date, so you’ll have to settle for month and year.

- November 19, 2010: The day I married the Mrs. My students are still surprised that someone like her would even agree to talk to someone like me.

- February 4, 2009: Goshen, UT 84633 became my new address (this is probably the Mrs. least favorite day of her life which is ironic right).

- Middle of January, 1993: First day of P.E. class in sixth grade. In sixth grade I had no friends and looked just like a kid who would have no friends. It was rough. But on the first day of P.E. class I won the game of lightening (and there were some pretty cool kids in that class). It is likely the greatest sporting accomplishment in my life.

- March 20, 1995: Tyus Edney made a layup on Missouri as the time expired in the NCAA tournament. It was the most amazing sports moment in my life. Not really sure why, but it was. I can still remember how badly I wanted UCLA to win, but how convinced I was that they would lose. I also remember that nobody else in my family was watching because it was Sunday and the home teachers had just arrived.

- Early January, 2000: This was the day I tried out for the Brigham Young Folk Dance Team. I was a horrible dancer then and haven’t improved much since, but here I am 11 countries, four states, lots of elementary schools, way too many credits (25 to be exact), hundreds of friends, and one Mr. Payson Pageant later wondering what life would have been without folk dance. (This is probably the Mrs. 2nd least favorite day).

- Late May, 1996: We arrived in England on my first tour with the Utah Valley Concert Choir. Those 16 days remain the best vacation/tour I have ever been on. I will never, ever forget the New Atlantic Hotel. Ever.

- Late August, 1995: It was the first day of ninth grade. A kid named Stephen Frandsen descended from his platform of the coolest kid in the school to talk to little old me in orchestra class. It changed my life.

- December 25, 2002: My white Christmas in Switzerland. It was a beautiful day.

- Late April, 2007: Mr. Benjamin Ford of Payson, Utah called me at the home and told me that, for some unknown reason (which he probably still regrets), they wanted to hire me as a history teacher at Payson High School. Boy did I not have a clue what I was in for.

- June 29th, 2000: I got my mission call to the Switzerland Zurich Mission German speaking. I didn’t really have a clue of what I was in for that time either.

- December 25th, 1989: My first and only Christmas in the greatest country in the world. Seven of the best months of my life. I miss it . . . still. How was I not born in England? Life is so unfair sometimes.

- June 14th, 2010: Me and the Mrs. had our first kiss (hopefully this isn’t the Mrs. least favorite day).

I hope I didn't leave out any days. If I did, I'll get them next week.