Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Few Letters

Dear Man Upstairs,

I hate snow.

Dear Government,

I don’t care what everybody else says, I still don’t hate you.

Dear Kobe,

I’m still torn. Should I hate you or not? And if I should hate you, should I hate you more or less than LeBron?

Dear Mr. Peery,

Southern Timpview doesn’t deserve you. But since you’re there, hopefully you can talk some sense into ‘em.

Dear Deron,

Serves you right.

Dear Jerry,

With Deron gone, will you please come back.

Dear Jimmer,

You’re a really good player, but I don’t think Jackson would mind if you passed to him a little more often.

Dear Goshenites,

New city ordinance: unless you’re having a family reunion, could you please keep the number of cars outside your house less than 10.

Dear Brother Joseph,

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Menken,

Please don’t ever stop writing music.

Dear the Mrs.

I love you a whole lot.

Dear Dad,

I miss you a whole lot.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are some things you should know:

Tomorrow marks the first time ever in Andrew T. Wright history that I will have a significant other on Valentines Day. The streak of 28 years of aloneness is finally coming to an end. And to think all this time you guys thought I was a failure.

Just so you know, I’m really upset about the recent Jerry Sloan resigning. I don’t like the Jazz anymore now that he’s gone. For the last couple of years I’ve been splitting my loyalties between SLC and San Antonio, but without Sloan, forget it. Spurs all the way.

I just watched Dead Poets Society again. That movie is so good. So good. How that’s not on every person’s top five list I have no idea.

It’s my stepson’s birthday tomorrow. He’ll be two. After this last week, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hate me, which is good.

Me and my brother were playing risk today and I had to quit because I was getting so upset. Really. I almost broke the table hitting it so many times.

I miss Mr. Peery. A lot.

I hate winter.

I love Goshen.

I hate ridiculous computers that are ridiculous.

I love the Mrs.

And that’s all.