Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well hello there. I’ve got a few thoughts.

- As some of you recalcitrants know, I be the girls soccer coach here at the Payson. Can I just say that I don’t think a coach could be prouder of their team than I was this year with mine. We finished third in region, had a winning record for the first time in over a decade, went to state for the first time in seven years, and played quite well against a very tough Snow Canyon team in the playoffs.

- I’m pretty sure that success is because the team knew that if Lauren discovered that I was a horrible coach (which I generally am) she would probably leave me. And the last thing those girls wanted was for Lauren to leave (they know how socially inept I am). Thus the team played extra hard just to help me out and make sure Lauren stayed.

- I’m pretty sure the other reason we did so well was because Big Stew helped this year. Too bad he’s going back to the terrestrial kingdom in the spring.

- You know, that last point brings up an interesting question. If Payson is the Celestial Kingdom (which it obviously is since we get the temple) and Spanish Fork is the terrestrial, where does that leave Salem and Springville? I would go with Springville being telestial and Salem being outer darkness, but if that’s the case how do you account for Springville’s nickname (the devils)? It’s definitely a topic to be debated. Actually, maybe it goes like this:
Payson--Highest level of the Celestial
Spanish--Lower level of Celestial
Maple Mountain--Terrestrial
Springville--Outer darkness
(I’m really thinking those last two are interchangeable)

- I wonder what the school board thinks about this.

- By the way, boys soccer team, the girls have set the bar pretty high for you. I expect great things.

- Have I mentioned that I would like to here state that I have a new found respect for coaches the world over. I’ve decided that anybody who has never been a coach has absolutely no right to criticize anybody who is a coach. From now on, I promise to be much nicer to anybody who chooses to enter such a profession.

- Here is a list of my five current favorite things:
1 - Lauren E. Farrer
2 - The soundtrack from Cold Mountain
3 - Teaching AP European History (I’m a horrible teacher, but my word those students are smart)
4 - Payday (that’s on Friday if you were wondering)
5 - The start of the NBA

And that’s all