Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I ain’t written in a bit so I’d better be making up for that. Here are some items of note over the last couple of weeks.

- I went shopping at Smith’s the other day and I’ll tell you, it was absolutely ridiculous. Those people have no idea of how to put together a grocery store. Absolutely no order or sense in the way they’ve organized their product. Chaos. I’m never shopping there again.

- I’m currently in third period. This class is supposed to have 33 students. How many does it have today: Nine. You got to love the last week of school right.

- One thing I hate about growing up: adult conversations. Adults talk about the most boring things. I mean seriously, who really cares about the stock price of AIG or the latest prices on turnips. The scariest thing is, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to participate in and even promote such boringness. I’ve got to watch myself.

- Last week I drove up West Mountain in my sweet green minivan. I’ll tell you, that automobile has some serious off-road capabilities. I mean, I knew I could make it up, but I had no idea it would be that easy.

- Speaking of which, Squanto stole my sweet green minivan today. Can you believe that? I’m still in utter disbelief. Really. Any second now I’m going to collapse from shock that anybody would even think about stealing my most prized possession. If the Ry-Masta were here, I’d have him handle the situation, but alas, I’m left to my own devices. Ry-Masta, how am I going to survive without you controlling these people?

- This morning I told my first period class that I went on a date last weekend. The first two questions they asked: “Was it with a girl?” and “Was she related to you?” . . . Jerks.

And that’s all for now.