Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Trip

This week the Mrs. and I went to the District (for you uneducated people, that’s Washington D.C.).  I learned/observed the following:


1.       The Washington Wizards are not good.  In fact, they’re painfully ungood.

2.       The last Twilight Movie is actually very enjoyable (much more enjoyable than watching a Wizards game for example).  If I had to rate the movies, it would be as follows

a.       Eclipse

b.      Breaking Dawn part two

c.       Twilight

d.      Breaking Dawn part one

e.      New Moon

3.       Not to stereotype, but compared to just about every other race, white people come off as pretty grumpy and/or ornery (unless they’re drunk).   I wonder why that is.

4.       After seeing all the exhibits, etc. I decided that the U.S. of A. really isn’t that bad, even if most Utah Republicans are convinced that our government is going to collapse in the next week or so.

5.       I cannot believe how many museum displays have Richard Nixon in them.  That dude is one popular guy.

6.       Speaking of popular, I fail to understand why JFK was so popular.  I really wonder if the only reason he is so well-known is because he was shot.

7.       The Mrs. is amazing.  She basically planned and organized the whole trip.  If it were left up to me, I don’t think we would have even made it to the aeroport

8.       My favorite places (in order)

a.       Our breakfast buffet every morning

b.      The Capitol building

c.       Arlington National Cemetery

d.      The Newseum

e.      Smithsonian American History Museum (except for about half the museum was under renovation which was sad).

9.       Pretty sure the National Archives had the best gift shop. 


And that’s all.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Der Held (in honor of Veteran's Day)

They're among us.
But not everyone.

We must search,
but they're there.


But they're not who we think.
Not often famous,
nor rich.

No, these things do not create heroes.

Greatness creates heroes.
And greatness is not fame,
or money.

Greatness is:

Find them,
the heroes,
the great ones.

Sometimes they're hidden,
because greatness is not loud.

But find them,
Watch them,
Learn from them.

They serve
They act
They rise
They lead

Not perfect,
of course.
But they're great,
our heroes.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Journey

A journey begins,

"For all eternity"
A simple phrase

But not simple.

What do I bring to the journey?

Or none of these?

He that will find his life must lose:
Pride, selfishness.

"I want what you want,
There isn't any me any more,
just what you want."

The goal.
The challenge.

And love sustains,
and remains.

Always together,
We climb, we fall,
We continue,
We conquer!

And in the end