Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Night time.

The Mrs. has gone to Mexico so here I sit watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I forgot how much I love them.  I love them.

Anyway, school starts exactly three weeks from today.  I’m ready.

I just saw a commercial for a movie called Wreck it Ralph.  How do people come up with stuff so dumb?

What I really like is the song they (and by “they” I mean some people at NBC) play every time they show the women’s gymnastics team.  It’s called “Home” by some American Idol guy.  

My biggest fear in teaching is to stand up in front of my students with my zipper down.  That would be not good.  But I know that it’s inevitable.  I can only hope they (and by “they” I mean my students) don’t laugh too hard. 

I just saw a trailer for The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Where do people come up with this stuff?

I'm to “Home” again.  It’s good.  It reminds me of the types of songs I would listen to at PDC’s house with him and Lane while Frandsen flirted with the girls.

I just saw a commercial from the Republican National Committee about the faults of Barack Obama.  I still don’t know for whom I’m going to vote.  I think I’ll write in somebody like I did last time.  I’m thinking Jared Wright would be a good option.

I actually like some of these commercials during the Olympics.  Since when did commercials actually become worth watching?  One about greatness by Nike.  I liked that one.

I should just let you know, I’m not a Michael Phelps fan.

I just saw another movie trailer: Hotel Transylvania.  Are you kidding me?

If I get to heaven, I’m just going to go around meeting people.  Five that I’m going to find on my first day (if they’re there and if I'm there):
            - Arthur Ashe
            - Winston Churchill
            - George Washington
            - Joan of Arc
            - Oliver Cowdery

 And it’s 12:45 a.m.  My DVR of the Olympics is finished.  Bed where are you?

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kristen kathleen said...

I concur with #1 on your list - I'm a huge fan.