Friday, October 26, 2012

Would He Be Proud?

Where is he now?
I wonder . . .


All of those.

He's missed,
and he's missed:

Grand kids,

So many things to say,
to discuss,
to tell.

But mostly to ask,
"Are you proud?"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It has been a little bit of time since I wrote here.  You’re welcome. 

A few items:

- I just watched a google chrome commercial.  I cried.  Since when do commercials make me cry?  I’ve watched it five times in a row.  I’m pathetic.

- I watched the presidential debate yesterday.  It marked my 20th anniversary of watching presidential debates.  My first: Bush vs. Clinton.  I remember watching and thinking Bush had done really well but then listening to the analysis and finding out that the news people said Clinton did better.  I was so upset.  I still think they were wrong.

- The MLB playoffs start this weekend.  The most depressing playoff series I’ve ever watched: Reds vs. Athletics in 1990.  I still haven’t recovered (honorable mention: Yankees vs. Braves 1996 and Braves vs. Twins 1991).

- I’ve decided that I’m slowly becoming anti-er technology.  I was always anti, now I’m anti-er.

- I’m watching USC play the U of U.  I sure do hope the Utes lose. 

- I’m so excited for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite day.  Heaven better have something like Christmas. 

- My question is: where do networks come up with their sports commentators?  Some are horrible.  How is it possible to be hired to speak in front of millions of people when the lack of mental ability is so obvious?  I’ll never understand these things.

- I’m now watching this special on being gluten free stuff.  I had a gluten free pizza once.  It was disgusting.  I really thought I was going to die. 

And that’s all.