Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the tour continued

first: i apologize that again it is not monday.

second: french keyboards are absolutely ridiculous.

third: i continue my tour report from where i left off . . .

day thirteen: conversational exchange of the day:
me: is there a mormon church around?
host family member: no. there are no mormons in france so there are no mormon churches.
me: (after an awkard silence) oh . . . uh . . . so how is the weather in france anyway?

day fourteen: let me here outline the threefold mission of these here international folk dance festivals (listed in order of importance).
1. to get drunk as much as possible.
2. to meet, flirt with, and make out with as many foreigners of the opposite gender as possible (or same gender depending on preference).
3. to appreciate dances from other cultures.

day fifteen: my new nickname is skinvous

day sixteen: we, the frenchies, the irish, and the quebeckers did a whole choreography together. i dominated until we actually had to perform, then i buckled. maybe it should've been chokevous instead of skinvous.

day seventeen: a tour is not a tour without a crush. know what i'm saying.

day eighteen: you should have seen me. there i was in a small french town on the mediterranean, all dressed up in my cowboy getup, sitting at a bar, drinking water out of a heiniken cup. sweet.

day nineteen: i went boating on the sabbath. i am ashamed. but at least now i can consider myself a full blooded paysonite.

day twenty: we went to marseille today. i spent most of my time sitting on a park bench reading persuasion while listening to old french men ramble on as they smoked their cigarettes. very entertaining.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

folk dance in europe

i'm currently in the europe, which means i don't have ready access to a computer, which means i missed last week, which means i apologize, which means here is my report.

day one: flying's fun. i depise the whole checking in stuff (who are these tsa people anyway) but the flight itself is quite enjoyable. however, you haven't really flown until you fly business class. beautiful, just beautiful.

day two: the madrid temple is really not half bad. now, if my body would just figure out what time it is so i can stay awake through the whole session.

day three: another day in the temple (i stayed awake this time) and then into the city. as to the city itself: not bad.

day four: i had a kebab today. it's been far too long. cream soda and kebabs, that's what heaven will be.

day five: yeterday was sunday. i tried to go to a catholic church (i missed my mormonite meetings). it was closed. right next door was a bar. it was open. go figure.

day six: we danced today. i'm the worst clogger ever. really. i'm the greg ostertag of the clogging world.

day seven: i hate changing time zones. hate it, hate it, hate it.

day eight: russian dancers = amazing.

day nine: our eating schedule for this here burgos folk festival:
breakfast: 9:30
lunch: 3:30
dinner: 11:30

day ten: two things i unlike about visiting foreign countries:

day eleven: our show tonite started at 12:00 a.m. (that's midnite for all you illiterates out there). can you believe that. madness. but the venue was packed, so who am i to complain.

day twelve: the wheels on the bus go round and round . . . and round . . . and round . . . and round . . .

and round . . .

and round . . .

and we'll pick up on day thirteen next week . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monday Meanderings

- i'm sure lots of people in this world have opinions as to what we'll drink in heaven (i WILL be there, by the way). my opinion: cream soda.

- my brother, big stew, turned 23 last week. finally, he's old enough to date.

- i love grocery stores. fabulous places really (although the jury is still not officially out on organic grocery stores). however, i do have one complaint: why exactly aren't the canned olives in the same area as the rest of the canned vegetables? i do not understand nor appreciate.

- last week my mom was in the 'spital. since she was so drugged up and couldn't be trusted, i had to sign the document where it said "responsible person." i'm expecting the perjury lawsuit to come at any time (is perjury the right word?).

- i watched a movie on bobby jones yesterday (it was actually quite good). it got me thinking. what would it be like to be truly great at something? what would it be like to know that you were one of the best in the world? hmm . . .

- why do people insist on setting me up. do i really come off as that socially handicapped and/or ugly?

- i greatly disenjoy july. it's a wasted month. heat, hay fever, and dead grass, that's all there is. independence day (and pioneer day) would be okay if it were in october or something, but how can i enjoy the signing of the declaration of independence when all i can think about is the heat, hay fever, and dead grass?

- one of my soccer players has to have surgery on her knee. out for the season. crap (sorry mom about the vulgarity).

- i leave for spain on thursday. i hope i don't hate it there.