Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, the Mrs. has gone to California so here I sit watching the Pacers play the Heat (and oh how I dislike those Heat). Anyway, since she’s abandoned me for the next couple of days, I’ve decided to write about the top ten reasons the Mrs. is so amazing

(Editor’s Note: These aren’t the only reasons, just the top ones).

The Mrs. is amazing because:

- She puts up with my being one of the biggest airheads in the world and forgetting just about everything of importance.

- She watches NBA playoff basketball with me and actually likes it (and if she doesn’t, she does an amazing job of faking it).

- She makes sure I don’t become apostate.

- She puts up with my being slightly crazy and a little bit weird (which, by the way, is a lot easier said than done).

- She takes the time to get to know some of my students (which is important to me because when my students get to know the Mrs., they realize that since she agreed to marry me I must have at least one redeeming quality, which may or may not be true)

- She’s incredibly nice to my family (which, considering the socially handicapped nature of my family, is no easy task).

- She does my laundry (and makes sure I dress at least semi-fashionably).

- She’s really, really smart (I was going to say “she’s smarter than me” but that’s really not much of a compliment).

- She puts up with living in the Goshe (no cell phone service, no shopping, no nothing).

- and finally, she’s really, really pretty.

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