Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, I noticed that it has been sometime since I wrote one of these here web logs. I apologize for such recalcitrance (although in my defense, my arm itches).

I think the following bits of information are vital to your survival:

- I was talking to a ninth grade girl the other day and she informed me that my brother Big Stew (who once substituted her class) is hot. I was suprised for two reasons: 1) I myself was quite unaware of that fact and 2) I didn't know ninth graders were allowed to say those kinds of things about 24 year olds.

- I recently finished the Harry Potter series. It is officially my favorite series of all time and Dumbledore is officially my favorite literary character of all-time (narrowly passing Eyore and Spock). One of these days I will devote a web log post solely to Mr. Potter, but that time is not now.

- If you didn't know, the Jazz are not playing half-bad currently. I attribute this to their mentor, the Ry-Masta (a.k.a. Techno Twin One)

- I also recently finished viewing the original Star Trek movie series. Those movies were fantastic. I am a better person for having viewed them. And anybody that mocks Star Trek without even watching the movies is on my "least favorite people list."

- If you're wondering who my favorite student of all time is, his name is Jesse Coleman.

- I also recently watched the movie "Last Song." It used to be I would watch such movies and not think much of it. This time I couldn't help but relive so many of the scenes in that movie which were so similar to my own experience: finding out in the hospital, dealing with the shock, watching my little brother handle the situation, the final weeks of weakening, the last day, the musical number at the funeral. Very . . . sad.

- I have two goals for the next couple of years: learn how to speak Spanish and learn how to play the bagpipes.

- I don't know if you were aware of this (I certainly wasn't until I started teaching) but girls cry a lot. I'm still trying to figure out if my sisters are the exception or if they just hid in their room every time they cried when we were growing up.

- And finally I'd just like to make you aware that Payson High School has a bomb shelter should you ever need one.

And that's all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

I currently be in Texas. My mother, my youngest brother, my niece, Big Stew, and I made our journey down here last Friday and Saturday (it's Spring Break you see). We came down to visit my other brother Aaron and his family who live in Hurst (it's right outside of Dallas).

Now I should notify you that I've never really been to Texas (I've been to the airport several times, but that doesn't really count now does it). As this is my first time here, I've been making muchos observations. Some are as follows:

- I don't like it here for the following reasons:
1 - It's been windy here every day and I hate the wind.
2 - There ain't no mountains.
3 - It's five million degrees and it's only April. How depressing would life be with no spring.
4 - The sky here is pretty drab. Switzerland still has the best skies as far as I'm concerned.

- It's a pretty long drive from Salem, Utah to Dallas, Texas if you didn't know (not quite as long as from Provo to New Hampshire though if you were wondering). Also, watch out for the cops in Moab. The tickets in Grand County are pretty dad-gum expensive (course it doesn't really help when you're going thirty over).

- I like it here for the following reasons:
1 - My brother lives here and he's alright as far as brothers are concerned.
2 - I love Texas accents. They remind me of our former president who I also think is alright as far as presidents are concerned.
3 - They have lots of McDonalds around and I love McDonalds.
4 - The American Airlines Center (home of the Mavericks and Stars) looks like a pretty fantastic place.

- There are some pretty sketchy gas stations between Texas and Utah. At one of them I was pretty sure I was going to be kidnapped and be on the next episode of Unsolved Mysteries. (It didn't help that at the gas station before there had been inmates who were taking a bathroom break, leg irons and everything).

- Yesterday at a park I saw two women working on their football skills (not just playing mind you, but discussing strategies and skills etc.). Everybody really does play football in Texas.

- I love Harry Potter books and movies.

And until I have further information of this Texas place, I'll be signing off.