Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few Things

Dear Kids,

These are some things you could probably do without knowing. Thus, if I were you, I would stop reading right now.

Right now I’m sitting watching the aftermath analysis of the Republican Presidential Debate. Absolutely fascinating. I wish I had been there live. I should go into politics (as a staff member mind you, not the actual office holder). As far as Mr. Romney, I’m still in-between.

To another subject, this year has been a great sports year. Actually, let me restate: this year has been an amazing sports year. Why you ask? Well, the Steelers lost the Super Bowl (how can a normal person actually like that team?), LeBron lost another championship series, and the Yankees didn’t make the World Series (sorry Coach Johnson). Add to that the Cougars’ Sweet 16 run and both of my soccer teams making it to state and you’ve got a great year.

I would just like to mention that I have not lost all of my hair yet. In case you were wondering. (I was really expecting to have no hair round about the age of 30).

One day I’m going to understand why some Evangelicals really, really don’t like Mormonites. Right now I don’t.

Is it bad that I don’t like Halloween?

Today (and yesterday) I watched The Lion King with Holdikus. I decided on two things while I was watching. 1) Although it’s animated, that movie is not really a little kids movie. 2) I love that movie. I cry every time.

My biggest fear: That I’ll get up in front of my class and start teaching with my fly down. Boy that would be embarrassing.

My wife is amazing. One reason she’s amazing: she’s really smart.

Could you please explain to me what in the world Santaquin is doing with their Main Street. Do we need two lights there? Do we need two lanes for two blocks? I’m just really confused. If you’ve never been to Santaquin, please visit and tell me if you understand.

And after two hours, I still don’t know whether I want a fellow Mormonite to be president.