Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Miserables


Me and the Mrs. (or “the Mrs. and I” depending on your educational upbringing) went and watched Les Miserables at the Hale Center Theatre in the Western Salt Lake Valley tonight.  It was a fantastic experience.  Here are some observations:

- My second favorite character in the musical is Javert.  For some reason I’ve always identified with him.  Maybe it’s because he seems so heartless most of the time.  

- Red Vines should not cost three dollars.  But the play was so good I suppose I’ll be forgiving (as long as my hard earned money went to pay for something useful like the bridge).

- One of favorite characters in all literature is the Bishop.  My goal in life is to be like him.  ”Knock there.”    

- The whole time I was watching the musical, I kept trying to figure out why I like Les Mis so much.  My answer: I don’t know.  One day I hope to figure it out.

- When I was in seventh grade, I listened to Les Mis almost every night before I went to bed (on cassette tape of course, we didn't have CD players in our house until 8th grade).       

- If you have any cultural sense and you've never seen a play at the Hale Center Theatre (in Orem or the Western Salt Lake Valley), you’re missing out.  However, if you don’t have any cultural sense, you’re not missing out. 

- In case you’re wondering, I think this is the first time ever in watching a musical or movie that the Mrs. cried more than I did.  I was actually fairly composed.   

- Do you know that Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway musical?  It is.  Les Miserables is in the fifth place. 

- I can’t choose a favorite song from the musical, so don’t ask.  Too many.
- We ate at JCWs after.  I wonder what JCW stands for.