Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I haven’t been on a second date in nigh on two years. Pathetic ain’t it? Things have definitely got to change around these parts. Just got to.

Most teachers think they’re underpaid. Considering my skill level, I think I’m overpaid.

I’ve issued this before, but I issue it again (especially considering recent comments on this here weblog): If you see Stephen Frandsen walking around, hit him in for me would you please.

Being a coach is the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. And I’m only a high school coach, I don’t see how these professional coaches handle the pressure.

That said, the players I coach are absolutely amazing. Pretty sure there’s not a better group.

I miss speaking German. If you meet any nice German people, send them my way. (But if they're not nice, don't send them. Not nice people, speaking German, scare me.)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Well hello,

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Mormonite. As a Mormonite, I have a calling in my church. I would just like to say that it would be a lot easier to do my calling if I didn’t hate talking to people so much.

School starts this week (on Wednesday to be precise). I hope I make it through the first week without getting fired or without having one of my classes rising up and mutinying against me (I think the latter is more likely, by the way).

I think it’s time to list my top five movies. They are, in order,
- Shadowlands—Favorite quote of all time, “Why do we love when losing hurts so bad?”
- My Fair Lady—Henry Higgins is everything I wish to be.
- Dead Poets Society—What does it really mean to sieze the day?
- The Lion King—The gospel Disneyized.
- Chariots of Fire—“Do you know what day it is?”

I saw a guy walking around with spurs on yesterday. That’s why I love Payson, Utah: guy with spurs on—no big deal.

Have you ever noticed how people define friendship differently? I take more of the Swiss approach myself, if you were wondering.

Today, as I was picking up some magnetic resonance images from Mountain View Hospital, I saw a Dominoes delivery boy there. I didn't know you could order pizza in the hospital. I hate hospitals just a little less now that I know pizza delivery is allowed.

My dad’s amazing.

Uuf Wiederluuege

Friday, August 8, 2008

monday of goodness

it's monday. i'm writing here. i'm back on schedule. i still hate stephen frandsen. all is right in the universe.

to note:

- my dad says that "skinny" is a low class nickname for a little kid. know what i think, i think he's jealous.

- i had my birthday. i turned 27. when my mom turned 27 she was pregnant with her sixth child. interesting.

- on my tombstone it's going to read, "just friends"

- it was salem days last week. the salem days parade is the best in the state, that's what i say. if you don't agree with me, you're wrong and ignorant.

- i speed all the time, yet i absolutely will not misuse the carpool lane or cross in or out of the carpool lane on the double line. am i a hypocrite.

- first girls' soccer game tomorrow. pray for us (maybe you should fast too, that might be helpful). all that is running through my head, "don't be a dufus, don't be a dufus, don't be a dufus."

and that's all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

home again, home again, jiggedy jig

i'm home. i'm alive. i'm sober.

i returned to 100 East 187 South at approximately 1:35.24 a.m. yesterday (that would be wednesday) and was quite pleased to find everything and everyone still intact.

so, i guess i'd better finish my report.

day twenty one: today is the last day of the martigues festival. these frenchies, they're really not half bad. not half bad at all. i officially recant every mean thing i've ever said about french people.

day twenty two: some days i flipping hate girls. that's all.

day twenty three: today is an official tourist day. shopping, sightseeing, picture taking, following random swiss people around so i could listen to the pure adamic language, etc.

day twenty four: welcome to barcelona. i love meeting members of the church in different countries (especially christian, he was cool). when far from home, there's something so comforting about meeting others of the same faith.

day twenty five: i went to the airport today to fly home. one problem, no room on the flight, @^&*. i guess i'll wait 'til tomorrow.

day twenty six: still no room . . .

day twenty seven: still no room . . . but good news, there's room on the amsterdam flight, so thomas and i will just fly there so we can fly home, no big deal. it only cost us $600 a piece to fly two hours to the netherlands.

day twenty eight: who knew the amsterdam airport floor could be so comfortable. i slept like a baby. and what do you know, there's room on the flight to cincinnati. estados unidos, here i come.

day twenty nine: home, sweet home.