Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Man Silvester

A couple of years ago I stopped making New Year's Resolutions. I figured it was kind of pointless since I never actually followed through with my resolutions (in fact, by about Jan 4th or 5th I wasn't even be able to remember what they were). However, I think it is time to return to this time-honored tradition.

So . . .

I hereby resolve:

1 - To not do drugs. Bad, bad, bad.

2 - To go on a date at least once a month. Once a month isn’t too much to ask is it. I can do it, I know I can.

3 - To not say “shut-up” to my students. I did it once last year, but I promise it won’t happen this year (and don’t worry, I gave extra credit to the class in which I said “shut up”).

4 - To not lose all my hair (this might prove to be more difficult than resolution number two).

5 - To not be the worst dance on my dance team this year when we go to Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany are this years’ destination by the way).

6 - To do as little manual labor as humanly possible (this might be somewhat problematic since Speedy Dub is on his mission and he was the one who did all the real work around here, but I’m awfully good at faking a sudden attack of Cholera).

7 - To not get any fatter. I can barely get through the door these days since I’m so unskinnified. More running, less eating, that’s the key.

8 - To watch more of the Cosby Show. I'm addicted.

And I wish you all a nice New Year


Lindsay Johnson said...

1. i knew you loved christmas.
2. i went to a movie on christmas day. valkyrie. actually pretty good. you'd probably like it.
3. i'm pretty sure you will break resolution #2 and not resolution #4.
4. I'm EXTREMELY proud of you for not shopping the week of christmas. that is quite the accomplishment.
5. i'm 78% positive i'm on your favorite people list. i'd love confirmation for the other 22%.
6. you weren't in any of the pictures on my blog because you NEVER let me take pictures of you. for heavens sake skinny. how could you be in a picture you never took? plus. we'll have to up the visits to at least once a month to make the "year in review".

Lindsay Johnson said...

oh... and i also am obsessed with the cosby show. i watched a million episodes during christmas. couldn't get enough.

Stef said...

I love the Cosby show and Skinny you are a great partner ever :) and i am excited for tour!!

Blog-on said...

Do you want to know what I think about The Cosby Show? It's an odd portrayal of an African American family...being portrayed with "whiteness" so that people from Goshen can "connect" with "those" people. Whiteness Theory. But Mr. Cosby is quite funny. As are should just watch your family.

Ashley said...

Maybe I'm just naive, but I can't quite make sense of your title here. Could you please enlighten me? And although I'm pretty sure the only reason you would put me on your list of favorite people would be out of guilt, I've decided to continue leaving comments (occasionally). And I think you're a stud! (Does sucking up earn me points? JK)
Do you want to know how pathetic I am? I think I've only told someone to "shut-up" once in my life, and I almost cried. I felt like I'd just said the worst curse word imagineable.
Oh, and I LLLUUURRRVVVEEE the Cosby Show!

Skinny said...

in reply:

lindsay: how could you even think of being on my list if you don't have me in your slide show. nice list though

stef: don't lie please. remember french canadian? enough said.

ashley with a y: i disagree with your comment about the cosby show. i don't think bill was trying to connect with white people, i think he was trying to influence black people. but what do i know (very little if you were wondering).

ashlee with an e: silvester is the german word for new years' eve. also, i do not feel guilt, thus my list is not affected by such things. thank you also for leaving a comment. at least somebody reads these.

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

skinny: do you even know how to read????

Skinny said...


no . . . which is why i work in public education.

Blog-on said...

Skins...FYI, I AM NOT Ashley, with a y.
It's Geekins with two EE's. Oh, and the same with my Ashlee...2 ee's.

Blog-on said...'s not Bill trying to connect with white people...
Nevermind, if I were to really discuss it on a blog, people would get up in arms.
I'll tell you all about it when you are older.