Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President

Today is inauguration day. I have this to say about that.

1. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m excited for Brother Obama to be president. I think he’ll be alright
2. As I don’t think I’ve yet mentioned, I think President George W. Bush did a fine job as president. Some things I haven’t entirely agreed with, but overall, I think he did just fine. I for one am glad that I voted for him.
3. Some of you might think items one and two are mutually exclusive. I obviously disagree.

I’d like to complain a little bit. I can’t handle the way people write these days. Here are my complaints.
1. This whole text messaging craze has made it so there’s absolutely no standardization in capitalization or spelling (kind of like back in the 1800s). It gives me a headache trying to read email messages these days.
2. What’s the deal with writing “haha” or “jk” all the time? Listen, if you’d learn how to write, the words themselves would express whether something you wrote/read was funny or not funny or meant to be a joke or meant to be sarcastic or whatever.

Two other items of interest
1. The last two nites I’ve woken up at exactly 4:20 a.m. Interesting no.
2. Sunday I went to a fireside. After the fireside I went to my car and what do you know, but that a FULL can of Bud Lite was laying on my windshield. Apparently, somebody from Benjamin (at least, that's where I figure they were from) saw there was a fireside going on and thought it would be humorous to give everybody (or maybe just me) a Bud Lite. Clever prank, but awfully expensive.

Good day


Stef said...

I seriously always look forward to your blogs...I hope Obama can help us out! And I did not mind what Bush did either! I think this whole text messaging world is a world our parents will NEVER understand...although mine are trying and doing pretty good at it. And I wake up at 8:20AM automatically. And funny about the beer hmmmmmmm....love you skinny! You make me laugh!

Stephen said...

ha ha ha . jk.

Stephen said...

wait...are you serious about bush? i will kill you, skinny.