Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mr. Scrooge

It’s Christmas time and despite what I tell my students every December, I love Christmas. I love it for a lot of reasons, one of the many being all the free time I get (by the way, that’s one of the great things about being a teacher, I still get my Christmas break). As part of my free time, I’ve decided to update this here web log (yes, I realize I update it even if I don’t have free time, but that’s beside the point isn’t it).

Anyway, here’s the information for this week:

- I read the book The Chosen this past weekend. Absolutely fantastic. One of the top five books I’ve read in my lifetime. I cried almost as much as Danny and Reuven at the end of the book. I recommend it to all.

- I signed up on LDSsingles.com and let me tell you, it was worth it signing up just to see the questions they ask when signing up. A sampling: “How regularly do you attend church.” “What is your temple worthiness.” “Did you serve a mission?” And all this time I thought my bishop was supposed to ask those questions.

- I’m still not listening to Christmas music.

- One day I really want to post my “favorite people of all time” list on this here weblog. However, since I know there would be some offended by not being on it (and probably more who would be offended by being on it) said list remains safely hidden away. But don’t you worry, it does exist and I cannot be bribed (unless the tendency to bribe me is an inherent part of your nature, in which case you‘re probably already on the list).

- This is the first year since I got back from my mission that I don’t have to do any shopping for presents the week of Christmas. I don’t think you understand how proud I am of myself.

- I really, really don’t think they should have sporting events on Christmas day. I mean, think of all those ushers and cameramen who have to work on Christmas day. Ridiculous I say, ridiculous. Same goes with movie theatres. I know people like to go to movies on Christmas, but think of the poor blighters who have to work. It’s a travesty I tell you.

- The more I read the more I’m convinced Obama is going to make a great president. And I don’t use great here hyperbolically. I really think when history looks back, he will be considered a great president (of course, I didn’t vote for him, so if he turns out to be a failure I’ll just remind everybody that I voted for somebody else so it wasn’t my fault he was the president).

- I’m currently listening to the Rudy soundtrack. It is beautiful. I recommend it to all.

And a Merry Christmas


Stef said...

Skinny I LOVE reading your blog you make me laugh, make me think, everything....love ya!

Joleen said...

1. How come you love Christmas but won't listen to Christmas music?

2. You're right. I would be offended if I wasn't on that list. And I'm probably not. Don't post it.

3. I take it you won't be watching the NBA on Thursday then...?

4. I read in the Naperville Sun today about how you can pay $25 to have your name printed in the paper with a "Welcome to office" type thing attached for Obama's inauguration. I should get you that for Christmas.

5. I watched Rudy in the airport while I was delayed for 5 hours. I love that movie.

Merry Christmas!

Joleen said...

Strike that. I meant 10 hours. How dare I skimp on the ridiculousness of the event.

Troy said...

Skinny, hey pal! The last 20 minutes or so, I have enjoyed reading your posts on this here blog. Well done my friend, well done... not as in meat being well done, because meat being well done is overdone...you are going about this blog thing just right, more like Goldilocks as she eats baby bear's food and stuff!

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

Skinny. Call me. Let's hang out.

Scott Ericson said...

Your list can begin and end with your favorite brother in law who will not stoop to the level of discussing your point about our incoming federal executive.

Steve Clark said...

Hey Mr. Wright! Way to go with the LDSSingles thing, my dad got on that after my parents split and now he's married and happy again. Hope it works for you!