Sunday, January 25, 2009

I was tagged. The assignment: write 25 random facts about me. Not a hard assignment, I must confess.

1. For some reason, when I was little, I used to be obsessed with cigarettes. Really. In fact, I used to wonder if my parents didn’t secretly smoke in their bedrooms when we kids weren’t watching (my dad was a seminary teacher). Also, when I was maybe six or seven I saw a cigarette on the ground (you know, an old used one) and I picked it up and put it in my mouth to see what it tasted like.

2. I used to lick the dirt and grime off car bumpers (yes REAL cars) because I liked the taste so much. Scouts honor, I did.

3. EFY music rocks. Stephen Frandsen does not.

4. I’m kind of an airhead.

5. When I was in Mr. Daniel’s fifth grade history class we had a unit on the American Revolution. From that point on I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: a high school history teacher. Living the dream baby, living the dream.

6. Sixth grade was easily the worst year of my life. I’m sure that’s how outer darkness will be.

7. I have absolutely no idea why people talk to me. Really, if I weren’t me, I wouldn’t talk to me at all. I’d avoid me at all costs.

8. I’ve never met anyone who has even remotely close to the same taste in movies that I have.

9. I hate having to carry on conversation in a group of people. I can’t do it.

10. I have a horrible temper. I’ve mostly learned to control it, but some days (like today) I lose it and boy oh boy, things get ugly really fast. And then I hate myself for the next couple of hours.
11. I’m the most self-conscious person I’ve ever met (which is one of the causes of my temper tantrum today).

12. When I was three I was sitting by a girl in California. I had seen people kiss in movies so I decided I would kiss this girl on the cheek. After the deed was done my brothers teased me until I started crying (which could explain why I never kissed another girl until I was 25).

13. I fear two things. I’m not going to tell you either one.

14. I have no lenses in my eyes. They were both taken out by Dr. Teske of the Moran Eye Center when I was growing up.

15. I used to watch Full House religiously when I was in fourth grade.

16. When I was growing up my three older brothers and I would play sports non-stop (Daniel and I against Aaron and Jared) and without fail our games would always end with me walking away crying. Always. No wonder my brothers hated me.

17. Les Miserables in my favorite musical of all time. When I was in seventh grade I used to
listen to it all the time when I went to bed. In fact, I memorized that whole cassette.

18. I have no idea how I made it through my mission. To think that I woke up every morning at 6:30 for two years is absolutely mind-boggling (well, ALMOST every morning, I think I slept-in four times).

19. I don’t think Joseph Smith was lying.

20. High school students are absolutely phenomenal. I look up to and respect them a whole lot more than they probably realize.

21. Best president of all time: George “The Man” Washington. You try and start a nation why don’t you.

22. Swiss German is the language spoken in heaven (ironic since so few of them are headed in that direction presently).

23. I’m WAY more lenient with the students that I like. Anybody who says teachers don’t have favorites is lying.

24. I still struggle with the uber-sociality of dance teams. I mean, I handle it a lot better than my first couple years folk dancing, but I it still overwhelms me at times. They are so friendly; I just don’t get it.

25. I have lots of acquaintances, but very few people I would consider friends. Course, if you ask me if you’re one of my friends, I’ll most likely say “yes” in order to be polite, but just know that you’re probably not.


Davison Family said...

The cigarette thing grosses me out, you actually stuck in your mouth!!!!

Steve Clark said...

Yeah that cigarette thing is surprising, but i was fascinated by hair gel as a kid, so it's fair I suppose

I would argue that you and I probably have similar tastes in movies, I mean I WAS the only one in your class who even knew what Les Mis was and actually liked it.

High school kids impress me everyday too... at least some of them do.

Can't wait to watch some more soccer this year Coach!

biff and rosie said...

I hope that you read this. If you haven't previously heard, Rosie and I are parents now! Hazel (our little girl) was born on January 16th. You should contact us if you want to come visit. When Rosie gets to feeling a little better it would be fun to have you over for dinner again.

Stephen said...

skinny: my disgust for you grows daily.

Stewart said...

This was pretty funny. I also hate having a converstation with a group of people. I made one of these lists on facebook, you should read it.

Beckutie said...

Dear Mr Andrew T. Wright,
I stumbled upon your blog from your brother's blog. I don't believe we have ever met, formally, but we did sing in the Children's Choir together. Therefore, it's very likely that you and I spent two weeks in England together. I love your dad, Daniel was one of my favorites, Chersten and Heidi Bradley were two of my best friends growing up, and I remember some good times with Mary, and Aaron. Why do you care? Well, truthfully you don't. Oh and I just remembered you MAY have taken my sister on a date once...DeAnna. If you didn't your brother did. Now that's been said, I must tell you that I laughed out loud at this post. You are a FUNNY guy. I even read some of these to my husband.
Say hello to your family for me, will you. Tell them, Becky Lee says "Hi". I love your fam!

Blog-on said...

Random facts are best in list form. I miss you.