Sunday, February 21, 2010

Likes vs. Dislikes

I here list my current likes and dislikes.


1 - Major League Baseball. I can't wait for it to start. I think this is the year my Braves return to glory.

2 - The fact that my brother Big Stew went on a date. But don't you dare ask him about it. If he wants you to know how it went, he'll tell you. If not, he won't, so mind your own dad-gum business.

3 - Payson Boys Basketball. My man, the Ry-Masta, led them to a sweet, sweet victory over the Mighty Dons on Friday (actually, I don't know if Ry-Masta had anything to do with it, but he was there so . . .). Next up, the Skyhawks.

4 - The fact that the Payson is going to have a temple. Sweet.

5 - The Olympic Games. I love it. I haven't really gotten into the winter olympics since '92 and oh how I've been missing out. My favorites thus far: Figure skating (those people are amazing), short track skating, S. White, Simon Ahmann, Miller and Vonn, and the U.S. Hockey team.

6 - McDonalds number four value menu without onions.


1 - Trying to grow a beard (I actually gave up this morning since I disliked it so much).

2 - The University of Utah (this should be an accepted fact, but just in case you were wondering . . .).

3 - The fact that some people think that an increase in faith is all that is needed to achieve a desired outcome. For example, "Andrew, if you want to get married all you need is to have more faith and be more righteous." To which I respond, "So I guess slashing your tires since you're so ridiculous probably won't help my cause right." I'm sure Sheri Dew is just thinking, "Man, if I just had more faith I'm sure I'd be married right now."

. . . whoa, sorry for that outburst . . .

4 - The current political situation. And just so you know, I don't really blame the politicians (well, not completely). I blame those crazy talk show people, the special interests groups, the 24 hour news media, and ridiculous citizens who are have no idea what's going on but choose a position based solely on party affiliation.

. . . and that one . . .

5 - The fact that they still haven't put Lay-Z-Boys in the overflow of my church.

6 - Salem Hills High School (it's like my mentor Jake Ford said the other day, "Every time I walk in here I just feel sick inside." Amen).

7. The IRS.

And with that, welcome to a new week.


Colin said...

amen on all points. amen brother, amen.

The MontaƱo’s said...

It is VERY disapointing to see you have totally abandoned your roots. To praise the Dons loosing to Payson.... what happened to you?
Have you no self respect or old school pride left in you? You bleed red, not green, deep down, I know it! :) Be proud of where you are from! It's whats made you YOU :)