Monday, February 8, 2010

Die Ziele

Before I begin, let’s just have a moment of silence for my brethren the Colts . . .

. . .

Okay, now let’s start for real. So, when I was a young high schooler I remember that my dream was to someday become a high school history teacher and a high school soccer coach. Seeing as I have reached that goal and am currently living the dream, some of you might think my life’s work is over. It is not, and after much thought and meditation, I have come up with the following list of things I want to achieve in life to ensure that my life does not become stagnant.

The Skinny Goals

1. Not lose all of my hair (Rogaine is working by the way, thank goodness).

2. Learn how to ride a horse (I’m scared to death of them though which presents a problem).

3. Go to Africa (the coolest people I met on my mission were Africans)

4. Go to the Oakland Temple (ain’t it puurty in the pictures).

5. Write a song (I’ll be honest, I think this is the least likely of all my goals, but I can dream right).

6. Learn how to play the bagpipes (my favorite part of Payson High School–the bagpipes)

7. Not just be a teacher but actually learn how to teach (easier said than done).

8. Beat up my brother J-Skee (we’ve had some close calls, but he always comes out winner somehow, but I’m catching up I think).

9. Go through a whole day of teaching without my voice cracking even once.

10. Watch the whole Star Trek series (no I haven’t started, but I will soon).

11. Learn how to cook at least one real meal (no really, I can’t . . . yet).

12. Live in England . . . again (it is the land of the angels after all, or is it anglos?)

13. Not hate people.

14. Write a book (I’ve started about five, one of these days I’ll get past page two).

15. Get a technical foul as a basketball coach (I’ve already gotten several as a player, but think how cool it would be to get one as a coach).

16. Learn how to speak Spanish and French (I used to be opposed to the Frenchies, but they’re sort of growing on me).

17. Beat my brother Big Stew at chess (actually, I think this is even less likely than five).

18. Find a way to never, ever have to iron again (besides just always wearing sweaters over my long sleeve shirts).

19. Learn how to do a backflip (I'm currently at a front hand-spring).

20. Publish my favorite people list.

And that’s all.


Van D Family said...

Congrats on all your accomplishments, so nice to see you are doing well. I am sure you are a fabulous teacher and your students love you.
So sorry I blog stalked you...

Old friend, co-worker, folk-dancer...

Colin said...

i volunteer to help you watch the star trek series.

Blog-on said...

What about wheat grass?
Grow it or drink should be on the list.

How are you?