Friday, December 5, 2008

My New Favorites

I've decided to make a list of some of my new favorite things:

- Taylor Swift's song "Love Story." I love it, love it, love it. In fact, I love it so much, I'm currently listening to it.

- The town of Goshen. I think I'll drive there tomorrow, just for kicks. And while I'm at it, maybe I'll continue on to Eureka and walk around for a little bit.

- The chess game on my computer. It's pretty sweet. I lost my first five games, but since then I've been pretty much unstoppable. Course, I'm only playing level one (it goes up to ten), but still . . .

- My 3A and 2B classes. They make teaching worthwhile. If I didn't think it was so unethical, I'd give them all A's.

- The Killers song "Human." Before I started listening to Sister Swift, I was listening to this song. I don't know why I like it so much, I just do.

- My principal. One of the greatest people I've ever worked with.

- The movie Twilight. Specifically,
A. Cedric Diggory's hair. If I could have my hair be in any style, it would be like that.
B. Alice Cullen's hair. I find that hairstyle mega attractive.
C. Dr. Cullen. No reasoning here, just liked him in the movie and liked him as a character.
D. The whole story line. I've never read the book, so I didn't know anything about what it was. I like it.

- My new coat from the J.C. Penney. It's nice.

- Learning about the stock market. I don't understand it hardly at all, but I'm kind of obsessed with learning about it currently.

- Watching the recordings of a TV show called "The Pretender" which used to air when I was in high school. I love it.

And that's all


Rachel said...

Oooh, I LOVE Twilight! So does Christa-if she comments, I bet she'll comment about it!! I think she saw it 6 times :)

The MontaƱo’s said...

Um... just for the record, I have NOT seen Twilight 6 times. I hope you're laughing Rachel (I know you are!!)I really hope I am not that pathetic, but what can I say, I saw it once, liked it and wanted to share that with my hubby. So I saw it again with him. Then, my book club went, what am I supposed to do, not support the club?? Anyway, I'm glad you liked it Andrew, and down load the song Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine, you'll be reliving good entertainment all day. Cuz that's all it is!

Chersten said...

You are so funny. I have been wondering who that twilight guy was. I knew he looked familiar.

Kari said...

haha wow coach wright idk if i should of read that! haha

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

are you serious?

Stef said...

Skinny you are great!