Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I haven’t been on a second date in nigh on two years. Pathetic ain’t it? Things have definitely got to change around these parts. Just got to.

Most teachers think they’re underpaid. Considering my skill level, I think I’m overpaid.

I’ve issued this before, but I issue it again (especially considering recent comments on this here weblog): If you see Stephen Frandsen walking around, hit him in for me would you please.

Being a coach is the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. And I’m only a high school coach, I don’t see how these professional coaches handle the pressure.

That said, the players I coach are absolutely amazing. Pretty sure there’s not a better group.

I miss speaking German. If you meet any nice German people, send them my way. (But if they're not nice, don't send them. Not nice people, speaking German, scare me.)



Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

whenever i hear german, i automatically think whoever is speaking it is trying to send me to a concentration camp.

skinny: reject the entire concept of dating. don't go on first dates, then you won't have to worry about second dates. that's what i've done. i'm coming home this weekend. family reunion. you can hit me yourself then. call me okay? i got a new phone number. three four seven, four zero six, three four eight four.

Allred Family said...

Hey Andrew,
Can I set you up with one of my friends? I don't know if she speaks German but she did live there for two years when she was younger? She's a little older than you and her last name is already "Wright".
Chersten's Mom