Friday, August 8, 2008

monday of goodness

it's monday. i'm writing here. i'm back on schedule. i still hate stephen frandsen. all is right in the universe.

to note:

- my dad says that "skinny" is a low class nickname for a little kid. know what i think, i think he's jealous.

- i had my birthday. i turned 27. when my mom turned 27 she was pregnant with her sixth child. interesting.

- on my tombstone it's going to read, "just friends"

- it was salem days last week. the salem days parade is the best in the state, that's what i say. if you don't agree with me, you're wrong and ignorant.

- i speed all the time, yet i absolutely will not misuse the carpool lane or cross in or out of the carpool lane on the double line. am i a hypocrite.

- first girls' soccer game tomorrow. pray for us (maybe you should fast too, that might be helpful). all that is running through my head, "don't be a dufus, don't be a dufus, don't be a dufus."

and that's all.


Davison Family said...

You know I look forward to Monday's just so I can read your blog. Check out our blog

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

you know, i dread mondays because i know you've posted on the internet.

alison said...

Remember when you had to put water in my smoking mini van? Well, the other day we were passing your house to pick up the kids and Brent, the one that was with me when you saved the day said, "Isn't that Boney's house?"

He was confused and thought your name Boney instead of Skinny.

It was funny.