Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well hello,

- The other day I went to a social gathering over there in the Provo (I try to avoid such things as you well know, but it was friend Cammie's birthday so . . .). Whilst there I noticed that my already shaky socializing skills are, I think, getting worse (some of you might think that's impossible, but it is verily true). That's not good, not good at all, especially since I'm losing my hair as well. No hair AND no social skills, I'm in trouble.

- Along those lines, my bishop told me I should try to go on a date once a week. I can barely even talk to a girl once a week, let alone go on a date. However, apparently some bloke started some sort of Salem singles online dating site or something like that. Maybe I should check that out.

- On a different note, my niece Kadee, she's five, told me that I really need to get a cell phone. How dare she.

- Another one of my varsity soccer players is injured and out of commission. I swear, I need to pay more tithing or something 'cause the soccer gods sure aren't being generous these days. Who did sin, me or my parents that I cannot catch a break.

- I watched Rudy last nite. I cried. Great show. GREAT show.

- I love October so much (I realize it's still September, but I'm just getting excited). I mean, think about it, you've got General Conference, baseball playoffs, NFL and college football, and NBA preseason, plus the weather is generally fantastic. I tell you, life does not get much better. The song really should have been, "Wake me up, when OCTOBER comes."

- I just watched the Republican National Convention. My dad sure was swayed by ole Brother Guiliani's speachifying. Pops just flipped-flopped his vote right there. Me, I'm still not convinced with Senator McCain, but I sure do like that Palin lady (mistakes and all). However, for the time being, I'm still a fence sitter, waiting . . . and still waiting . . .

Bye now


Joleen said...

September ending and October coming are the same thing...aren't they? :)

Skinny said...


of course they're not the same. the end of a movie and the movie being over are two completely different moments in time. for all i know that green day fella might have wanted to be awake for some fantastic ending on the 30th of september.

The Wrights said...

I hear that the FLDS women are pretty accepting...rogaine and all. jared

alison said...

AND I get to leave on a mission in October. So does your brother.

Remember when you were a chaperone in childrens choir and I had a "feeling" that you'd be engaged by the time stew got back from his mission? wooweee! Boy, was I off.

I have a feeling (no quotations, this time it's real) that you'll be hitched by the time I get back.

Ok? Ok.

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

skinny: palin? seriously? i am reminded constantly of how much i hate you.

Mark said...


I can't agree more that October is a good month. My half birthday is on October 1st, a great way to begin a fine month if I do say so myself.

Speaking of fine, you should come over to my house sometime and we can have a fine time watching a number of good things (BYU or Monday Night Football, some fine baseball- October is the only month I really watch baseball, and even possibly a movie or two). Which reminds me, how did you leave the MLB Playoffs off of your list. It's truly when baseball comes alive for me.

Hope all is well and give me a call sometime. If you don't have my number you're a pig. If you do have it, you're a pig for not using it. See ya Skinny!

Mark said...

I stand corrected (by myself), you did mention MLB playoffs. Sorry for my laziness when I read it the first time. Good day to you sir and I hope you will accept my offer to enjoy a sporting event at my house. If you'd like the BYU game will be on at my house tomorrow at 1:30. Call me six two three one nine five eight if you'd like to come. Thanks Skinny!