Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zu Ihrer Information

To Note:

1 - I'm pretty sure that if I weren't a Mormonite, I would be an alcoholic. Really.

2 - I got a flat tire this week. Flat tires have to be one of the most disheartening occurences of all time. There you are, driving along, minding your business, then . . . bam! I hate it. I come closer to swearing during these moments than any other time (well, except soccer practice, sometimes I really want to swear 'cause I keep thinking that maybe the boys would actually listen if I were to drop the "F' bomb on them, but they probably wouldn't, so I don't, not yet at least)

3 - I love EFY music and there ain't nothing you can do about it. Sure the lyrics are generally cheesy and fairly predictable. Sure the music is incredibly simplistic and could be written by just about anybody with any musical writing ability, but I still like it so lay off.

4 - Do you think the people who lived in the city of Enoch ever got accused of being close-minded. I'll bet they got that all the time. "Dude, all you guys ever do is listen to that crazy Enoch guy. Come on over to Sodom, you've got to at check out what they've got. What, you're not going to? You're so close-minded." Yeah, I can see it.

5 - I went to an organic food store the other day in the SLC. Tremendous place (and might I mention that the hired help was extremely accomodating). I'd highly recommend at least sometime in your life going to such a place. They've got some sweet stuff there (although most of it I'm kind of scared to try).

6 - I wonder what I'd think of me, if I weren't me and I just met me at some random place. Hmmmm . . .

7 - When I create my own world there are not going to be allergies. None. No house flies either for that matter.

8 - The Cubs are going to win the World Series this year (they haven't won since 1908). Why, because my brother (a HUGE Cubs fan) will be on his mission come October and this will be the Lord's way of trying my brother's faith.

9 - I just paid $94.58 to fill up my sweet minivan with petrol. I love capitalism (it is better than fascism in any case, that is, if fascism is even an economic system which I think it might not be).

10 - I watched Gilmore Girls the other day and although I really, really, really, really disagree with some of the social commentaries put forth in said sitcom, I do believe that Kirk and Luke are two of my favorite TV characters of all time (right up there with Screetch from Saved by the Bell and Murdock from the A-Team).


Blog-on said...

Remeber how the accomodating staff tried to better your life by giving you a muliple vitamin (and yogurt)...and you REFUSE to comply with their medical recommendations?...yeah, I do.

Rachel said...

I really love Whole Foods. I am glad that there are 3 in the SL area so I can keep shopping there. Oh, and I think there is some reason house flies exist, even though I haven't figured it out.

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

skinny: i can tell you what i would think of you if i met you somewhere....

also i hate you.

also that crap you wrote about the city of enoch is stupid. stop rationalizing your intolerance by calling it righteousness.

and lastly, when are you going to come visit me?

Ashley said...

How do you come up with this stuff? Gilmore Girls annoys me because nobody really talks that way. And I recently tried organic milk for the first time and let me tell you, I craved it the rest of the day (I'm not sure why). If we ever have an income again I think I will shop at whole food stores all the time!

Skinny said...

blog on: don't be mad please.

rachel: does that mean you kids are coming back to utah sometime?

hussein: what would you say? i hate you. i never rationalize intolerance i just think there's a difference. and the middle of october.

ashley: maybe you should start an organic foods store in order to obtain income.