Monday, June 9, 2008

The National Basketball Association Finals

I watch basketball. I like basketball. I occasionally attempt to play basketball. Basketball is cool. Thusly, like previous years, I'm currently following this year's edition of the Finals: Celtics versus Lakers. As always, I have a few comments regarding said event.

One: I do not like the Lakers. I don't especially like the Celtics. However, the Celtics general manager (meaning he manages the team generally) is Danny Ainge. He's a fellow B.Y. alum, he's a fellow Mormonite, and when he played for the B.Y. they actually won a NCAA tournament game. I'll cheer for him.

Two: I do not like Kobe Bryant as a basketball player, not even a little bit. In fact, I seldom if ever watch him play because he's so good he makes me physically sick. However, I am convinced that if he and I were to ever meet (party in Las Vegas or something), I think we would get along swimmingly. Naturally our moral standards are a little different, but I really think we would get along just fine.

Three: The other day I walked into an apartment and somebody (who I think needs to be punched in the face) said that I looked like Luke Walton. Can you believe that? I've never been more humliated (well, looking on the bright side, at least he didn't compare me to Pau Gasol).

(do you really think Luke Walton could do this?)

Four: I pick the Lakers in seven, but I'm hoping for the Celtics in six. Come on Danny, don't let me down.

Five: I've come to the conclusion that with the lady folk there's really no winning. None. (Now I realize that statement doesn't directly deal with the finals, but I'm sure there's some correlation somewhere).

The End


alison said...

For real, skins! You might as well be twins. You the better looking one course.

Blog-on said...

I have several Utahr Jazz connections (the pretty boy shops at Wild Oats...our P.E. teacher at my elementary school is an old Jazz player...and our maintenance man at Wild Oats is also the Jazz maintenance man). So, pretty much....I'm also a B-ball fan. (I ask them to read to my class.)