Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today marks the four year mark.  In remembrance, I’ve decided to listify someof the most important things I learned from him (I'm sure I missed some though so forgive me).

They are:

- Be patient

- Don’t hold grudges, even when you know you’re right.

- Don’t ever spare the horses.  After all, James really does need to gethome.

- Spend time with your kids.

- Teaching is a great profession.

- Tar is slow, but not as slow as you.

- Mother is to be honored and revered.  And don’t talk back to her ever.

- Save ten percent of what you earn.

- It’s okay to like nice things, just don’t expect to everhave any.

- Everybody has worth and deserves to be respected, even ifthey do hang out in the North parking lot.

- Christmas is coming.

- It’s fun to play/watch sports, but it’s even more fun towork on the yard.

- The scriptures are magic. 

- Nothing compares to British food and humor.

- Learn to appreciate good books and good music.

- Go on a mission, graduate from college, and get married inthe temple or else.

- All you need to stay alive is bread and milk.

- Most people have good backs.

- Greatness is in the everyday