Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life's not fair

Sometimes I just don’t get how life can be so unfair. I just don’t understand it. For example:

- How can it be fair that I got to live with my dad for 27 years, but my brother only got to live with him for 11?

- How can it be fair that I have an amazing family and an amazing wife when some people don’t have either those?

- How can it be fair that I have the best job in the world when some people just wish they had any job?

- How can it be fair that I get to travel to Europe every year when some people are lucky just to have enough money to eat?

- How can it be fair that I'm relatively healthy when some people are so sick?

- How can it be fair that I was born with the Book of Mormon in my home and some people will never even hear of it in their lifetime?

I just don’t understand.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is your favorite brother, and you know, you can say you hate Salem High, not Salem

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that comment's a bit weird on this article, but, it had no comments. Um, same person as the other anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those to comments made no sense. So hear's what I mean. On most of your articles you mention how much you hate Salem. But you shouldn't say Salem, as that's the whole city. Just the Highschool. And I put this comment on this article because it had no other comments. Also, good job on this article.