Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Sabbath

Dear People,

I think y’all should know the following:

I live in Goshen, Utah.

I do not like the Lakers. If they win the NBA championship this year, I’m never watching NBA basketball again. Ever.

My glasses are broken. They’re always broken. I’m now wearing my mother’s glasses.

I watched the Spurs pull out a miracle win (literally) this week only to lose the series two days later. I hate sports.

My wife is amazing. Just ask any of my missionary companions and they’ll tell you how unbearable it is to spend any amount of time with me on a consistent basis. And yet six months later she’s still here.

As opposed to many, I’m actually quite enjoying the current weather patterns. The snow and rain keep the allergies away and for that I am grateful.

Surprisingly, I still have hair.

Payson High School’s Prom is this week. 12 years later and I still don’t understand why anyone would go.

Could you please explain to me why anyone would ever live in Eureka (and don’t even think about making comments about the Goshe, I can tell you 523 good reasons right now).

You know what I think about the government. I think people should stop complaining. How is it that we constantly complain about the people WE chose? I don’t get it.

I watched Jurassic Park for the first time ever last week. Really? This is what everybody was obsessed about when I was in middle school? Unbelievably average. How in heaven’s name was that movie so popular?

I’m still a little bit confused as to why the royal wedding was so popular in America. No seriously, why? I lived in England, I study history, and I still don’t understand.

Ever since Jerry Sloan left, I am absolutely apathetic regarding the Jazz. Who cares what the Jazz do? Jerry’s not there.

I’m supposed to be doing something productive right now.

Do you know what’s in style at Payson High School these days amongst some of the athletes? The mullet (and I have no idea how to spell it, so I apologize if I’m wrong). Can you believe that? I can’t.

The real question is though, how many people do you think would good inactive if the Church came out tomorrow with the following: “Just kidding, the temple isn’t going to be built in Payson anymore, it’s going to be built in Salem.”

That’s all.


The Montaño’s said...

Are you saying or implying anything at all derogatory towards Salem? I now feel the same way towards you as I do the Jazz, which you summed up quite nicely, I must say. SALEM, city of PEACE, not HATE. Don't be a hater Skinny... Prom is here in my neck of the woods as well and for some reason, the song "In the Mood for Love" keeps coming to mind :)

Blog-on said...

uh...I just found my blog laying on my computer floor...picked it up. Read it. And realized that it was pretty much just a conversation between you and I. So, Thanks.

P.S. NEW post. Friend.