Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Baby

Editor’s Note: Most of this was written last week. Just so you know . . .

Alright, I’m currently on my way home from coaching a boys soccer game. We’re riding the bus back from West Jordan where we pulled out a narrow 2-1 victory over the Jaguars. As I’m riding this here beautiful yellow school bus on the blessed I-15 I’m reminded of how much I hated riding busses when I was growing up going to school. In fact, I would say many of my worst memories of all time are composed of bus riding events. Thus I find it ironic that much of my current life is spent on these blessed beauties.

Anyway, I that note, I have a couple of comments for this week.

- Last Sunday I returned to my Alma Mater, the great Brigham Young University. And although Saturday’s wound was still fresh on my mind, I still have to say that the B.Y. is most definitely my favorite place of all time. I love that place.

- On Friday I went to a concert in the Salt Lake City tabernacle. The concert itself was absolutely beautiful, but they’ve got to do something about those wood benches. I’m all for proposing in the next General Conference that for the next three years five percent of our tithing funds go to providing cushioned seats in all Mormon worship venues (I‘m still debating about whether or not we should include the Marriot Center in the porposal).

- Yes or No: Do you think any of the General Authorities will make an indirect (or even better direct) statement about our current political situation. I‘m hoping they will, but doubting it. Now if President Benson or Joseph F. Smith were still around . . ..

- Continuing on a Mormon note. I’ve made it a goal in life that if I ever get engaged (big "if" though), I promise I won’t go inactive. What is it with engaged people suddenly becoming so unbearably flaky. Does it say anywhere in the scriptures that we should be anxiously engaged in a good cause unless we’re engaged?

- I love the Harry Potter books and movies. Love them.

- I just finished the fifth Star Trek movie. They are awesome. In fact, I almost checked out a book called I am Spock by Leonard Nimoy. However, I think I’d better be a little more experienced as a Trekky before I take that bold step.

- One of my most favorite things about being a teacher is that I know approximately 98.3 percent of my students have got my back. For example, whenever I tell them about girls shooting me down, they all are more than willing to go and egg said girls’ house (or something like that). Such allegiance is somehow very comforting.

- Yes, the previous bullet point did take place this week.

- I’m obsessed with watching Jeopardy. Tonite check on KJZZ at seven thirty and you’ll discover the goodness. It’s the best thing currently running on the idiot box.

- This last week I lip synced to David Archuletta‘s “Crush“. It was pretty fantastic.

And I think that’s more than enough for now.

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Lindsay Johnson said...

thanks for returning me email, my phone call etc... :) love this post skin. classic.