Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abandoned Train Tunnels

I found out the other day that it is no longer “cool” to drag Main Street in Spanish Fork on a Friday or Saturday night. How sad is that. Teenagers these days, I tell you . . .

The other day I was in an airport and some old Asian dude asked me to help him figure out how to read a text message on his cell-pone. Can you believe that? I’ve maybe opened five texts total in the last seven years and here was somebody asking for my expertise? Don’t worry, we did eventually figure it out with some deliberation.

Did I tell you that the car I rented in the Germany had automatic windshield wipers? Cool huh. It starts raining they just turn on, it stops, they just stop. It was awesome. That has to be one of the coolest inventions of all time, probably right below indoor plumbing and right above Velcro.

I love salt water taffy. If you ever want something from me or need to bribe me, salt water raffy is the way to go (just so you know).

Actually, another way to get on my good side is to find me some pumpkin soup (kurbisuppe). They had it in all the grocery stores in Switzerland and it was so good. I miss it.

I found someone else who shares my love of minivans. In fact, before he knew I had a minivan, he told me he wanted to sell his Subaru Outback in order to buy a minivan. Great minds think alike, that’s all I have to say.

At my ward talent show on Friday I’ve decided to do a little bit of clogging and Legenyes for all those young single adults out there in the Santaquin. Funny thing, dancing isn’t even one of my talents. It’s more like an anti-talent. So if anybody comes up and congratulates me after, I’ll know they’re either lying or they have no rhythm just like me.

Interesting how, when you really like a girl (or guy for that matter) the second she enters the room you lose complete focus on everything else. Wierd how that happens right. Someone’s talking to you and suddenly you only hear random words every other sentence that make no sense whatsoever. I wonder if that’s how it feels to be ADD.

Last nite me and some of my associates had a redneck drive-in in an old abandoned train tunnel. It was one of the highlites of my life. If you want to come next time, let me know (unless I don't like you, then don't worry about it).


Mandi said...

I have recently been introduced to Kebabs and pumpkin soup. (recent as in two years, or so), and Kebabs will be in heaven. At least in my heaven. But pumpkin soup? Pumpkin is a FRUIT. Ask anybody.

biff, rosie and hazel said...

Skinny... ich vermisse dich. Ab und zu denke ich an die Zeit die vir zusammen waren. Solche Gedanken bringen mir ein warmes Geful im Herzen. Du bist ein besonderes Mensch. Du sollst dass nie vergessen!

Mr. Sackett said...

I want to come next time.