Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doener Kebap weish

The other day I went to Europe for a couple of weeks with this dance group I’m in. It was pretty fantastic. There are a couple of items to note:

- Europeans have absolutely no customer service skills. None. “Hello, I’m from Europe and I refuse to smile or be helpful in anyway. Next please.” And, to all of my European friends out there, no, I will not take it back.
- This is a plea to any Turkish person who might be reading this (and yes, to those who are wondering, tons of Turkish people read this). Please, please, please bring that goodness known as a Doener Kebap to these blessed United States. My life is incomplete without them.
- Swiss German is undoubtedly the language spoken in heaven. However, if anybody ever offers to sing you a song in Swiss German, put your hands over your ears and run away as fast as possible. It’s really very painful. If ugly has a sound, that’s it.
- Germans really do drink a lot of beer (I don’t though, if you were wondering).
- Near our hotel in Croatia there was a river where the local restaurant occasionally dumped their garbage. The cool thing is, our group went swimming in that same river. Awesome.
- My favorite part of any tour is that moment when everybody starts to get frustrated with each other. Anybody who’s ever been on a group tour knows what I’m talking about. Everybody’s all excited at first, but somewhere down the line something happens and everybody’s patience just runs out (it’s especially cool if it happens on a bus ‘cause then nobody can leave). I love it. I just sit and enjoy all the awkward tension as I eat my gummi bears.
- After much thought and contemplation, I do believe after this tour that the “worst dancer in the world” award has in fact been taken from me. I held it a solid two years, but I think I do finally need to relinquish my crown. Sad.
- I saw the new Harry Potter movie. Loved it. In fact, I plan on going at least eight more times, maybe nine. (That actually doesn’t have anything to do with my trip to Europe, but there you go).

And that’s all.


Blog-on said...

My award for you:
2nd Worst Dancer...and Wittiest Writer I Know

Take that. -Ekinslitherin

The Montaño’s said...

The one time we might actaully get to see each other and say hi and catch up in person (July 25th) you don't even show. Melissa Roach, Carrie Thompson, Ryan Lemon, myself and many others were truly disappointed! You didn't need to pre-register! R U kidding me? It was a reunion,a luau, not a black tie event!