Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The venerable ZQ requested that I not be recalcitrant in my writing ways even though summer has hit. I thusly attempt to comply.

- Me and fellow ward member Marshall the Bateman went on a Parade of Homes excursion yesterday. It was awesome. I’m officially addicted.

- The other day I was in Maceys and for about two solid minutes I couldn’t remember where the vinegar was. Can you believe that? I was/am so ashamed. There I was, grocery worker extraordinaire, and I couldn’t remember where to find something so routine as vinegar. How embarrassing.
- A couple of questions for my Mormonite associates:
1. Why does the relief society room always get the cushioned chairs? I find that very unfair.


2. When is the church going to get with it and start putting vending machines in the church buildings.

- This week (we be out of school) has taught me that the next time I have contract negotiations with my parents I need to have a “no manual labor” clause added. This working stuff really gets to me.

- Whoever came up with the layout for the stop signs in that quaint little village of Santaquin must have either been stoned or drunk or both. Absolutely ridiculous. Don’t ever drive there if you can avoid it.

- My dad and I are currently watching the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. You know, I’m still surprised that Yoda isn’t quoted more in General Conference.

- I have a huge moral dilemma. It’s times like these that I miss the wisdom of my high school students. They always have such refreshing views on moral dilemmas (if they know what that means, which is doubtful).



Davison Family said...

so what's the moral dilema? Brent wanted to share a comment about Yoda but I told him it would be best to tell you in person, it has to do with Yoda and Pres. Kimball.

Jana B. said...

i like that your last two posts both talk about grocery stores. i just find that interesting.

i think empire strikes back is the best star wars.