Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I doesn't hate

I called a guy in Brooklyn today to order some books and he told me I sounded like a New Yorker. Really. I'm serious. (side note: when he said I sounded like a New Yorker, I said, "oh sorry". He was kind of offended that I would be apologetic about such a thing).

Anyway, sometimes people on these web log things write about what they are thankful for. I will do no such thing, ever. However, I WILL tell you what I don't hate.

1. I don’t hate any of the current presidential or vice presidential nominees. I don’t really like any of them. But I don’t hate them.

2. I don’t hate the A-Team. In fact, I’m watching it right this very minute. I especially don’t hate the theme music or their sweet van. Beautious.

3. I don’t hate Baconaters.

4. I don’t hate the musical Aida (it‘s playing currently at the Hale and one of these days I‘m going to drop by). In fact, back in my college days, I went to Aida and was so attracted to the usheress that I asked her right then and there on a date. She said “no.” I bet she regrets it.

5. I don’t hate the movie The Village. In fact, I watched it last nite. That M. Night Shyamalan is probably a little crazy, but he’s made some pretty fantastical movies.

6. I don't hate dating. I'm just really not fond of it.

7. I don’t hate the MLB playoffs. I’m rooting for the Dodgers myself. Mostly ‘cause they have my man Greg “Maddog” Maddux. If I could meet one person, it would be Brother Maddux.

8. I don’t hate Celine Dion. Once upon a time I was planning on marrying her. I’m not sure it’s going to work out now, but I still don’t hate her.

So now you know (and knowing's half the battle)


Joleen said...

I saw Aida at the HCTO (I know how much you love acronyms). It was pretty good. My cousin is in it. When you want company to such an event, you know where to find me.

Ha! I won't hold my breath.

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

wait wait wait. hold the phone. do you or do you not hate the idea of a mccain presidency? i understand not hating him, and that's fine. but definitely you can hate the idea of him being president. even worse, though, would be the idea of sarah palin one day being close to the oval office.....

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

i shudder at the very thought

Chersten said...

I am very sorry to say that your once a week blog posts are not enough. We need more of your posts. This is a request, a plea, whatever you will. Thanks.
p.s. Go Payson!!