Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm "it"

I’ve been tagged. I’m not really sure what that means exactly and I’m just lucky that I found out at all. If you want my humble opinion, there should be some way to notify somebody who has been tagged. In any case, let me complete this tag.

I am - grateful, as ever, to S.E. Frandsen for his wisdom. I do indeed hate the thought of Senator McCain being president.
I know - that whoever came up with the social custom of dating will get a severe tongue thrashing from me whenever I meet that person in heaven. Ludicrous, that’s what dating is.
I want - all of my hair back.
I have - a sweet green minivan with a heater that is currently out of commission.
I dislike - just about everything except orange juice and listening to musicals.
I miss - associating with a fellow named Jeffrey W. Richey. If you ever see him, be sure to send him my way.
I feel - like finding a really attractive young lady, getting all dressed up real pretty like, and dancing the night away somewheres.
I hear - that this one kid at school got in a fight, but I’m not really sure that I believe it.
I smell -
I crave - (because I never know who will read this, I’m not able at this time to write what I really crave, sorry).
I cry - very seldom. However, I’ve heard rumors that when I was in high school, girls would often go home and cry after I would say something slightly sarcastic to them. I don’t believe it though.
I search - ponder and pray.
I wonder - why people still try to set me up with their cousins’ sisters‘ friend. No more. Please. Pretty please. Pretty, pretty please.
I regret - throwing lots of cats really high up in the air (this was when I was a little guy by the way) just to see if they would always land on their feet (they always did by the way, amazing)
I love - my job. Really, I’m quite sure there isn’t a better job in the whole world.
I care - (that’s not true, I don’t actually)
I worry - occasionally about whether or not I’m going to get married before I lose all of my hair. I remember - this one time when I promised myself that I would never eat another pickle, but I eat them all the time now. Shows how true I am to my word.
I believe - Lord, help thou my unbelief.
I dance - really, really poorly (which is probably why I can't find a really attractive girl with whom I can dance the nite away). But I still think it’s fun. Especially Hungarian folk dance.
I argue - only when I want to get people all riled up about ridiculous things.
I write - when I’m bored, discouraged, excited, or supposed to be doing important things (like right now).
I win - only when I cheat.
I lose - all the rest of the time.
I wish - I could win without cheating.
I listen - to high school students endlessly harangue me about so many things I can’t even list them here. But that’s okay, MOST of the time I probably deserve it. But I still feel slightly annoyed about this one time they complained about having to go to the grocery store.
I am scared - of my students mutinying against me, taping me to my chair with duct tape, and absconding with my sweet minivan.
I need - to learn how to ride a horse. That is my goal: learn how to ride a horse.
I forget - everything important (meetings, birthdays, etc.). However, if it’s really trivial and holds no importance at all, I’m pretty sure I won’t forget.
I am happy - that the NBA is about to start.

There, I’m done. I’m not going to tag anyone ’cause I’m morally opposed to such things. However, Ms. Geekins, if you want to stay in my good graces, you WILL fill this out.


Davison Family said...

I'm so glad you did your duty-loved it!

Stephen Hussein Frandsen said...

skinny: whatever.

Ashley said...

I too am glad to see that you humored us all by doing this tag; although, it saddens my deeply that you have turned to the dark side.

Davison Family said...

I must agree with Ashley-the dark side part

T.J. and Kathy Christensen said...

Skinny. You never cease to humor me. haha Thanks!