Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Observations

1. I have watched a total of two Spurs games this year. They lost both games. Last game I watched live before this: Game Six of the 2013 Finals. Lesson learned: I will not watch again.
2. We have tried several different rehabilitation programs, but I’m afraid the solution still alludes us. The Mrs. simply cannot break her Diet Coke addiction.
3. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t like Bronco Mendenhall. I’m not one of them.
4. Oliver (that’s the name of my oldest son who will therefore inherit all of my fortune upon my death) has smiled more in his seven months of life than I have in my 34 years of life. Must be a Quesenberry trait.
5. Along those lines, one of my students this week, after seeing me smiling in my wedding picture, asked: “Why don’t you smile anymore?” I told her the picture was fake.
6. Along those lines, I watched the movie Inside Out with the Mrs. recently. I loved it. It explains why smiling’s overrated.
7. I believe I have officially matured (after a fashion). Reason: This year I’m looking more forward to seeing my kids open their presents than I am for me to open my presents.
8. Now that I’m a college graduate, married, and semi-gainfully employed, I have a new life goal: Complete hair school. Serious.
9. I’m in a choir. We have a Christmas concert December 17-19. You should come. It should be bearable.
10. As I write, I am cooking rolls for the first time in my life. I hope that the house doesn’t explode and/or that the Mrs. doesn’t die of shock.


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