Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gemma Grace

If you didn’t know, I have a daughter.  Her name is Gemma (spelled with a “G” because that’s how the British spell it and I want to be British).  She’s approximately two years, five months, and 29 days old. 
The Missus has requested I write a post about this daughter of ours.  I hesitate to do this because most of the time when I see posts about kids who are not mine, I absolutely do not care (no offense).  However, as you well know, the Missus’ wish is my command. 
Here are twelve things you should know about Gemma with a “G”.
1.       Her fingers are almost as long as Holden’s (who is six by the way).  It’s true, Scout’s honor. 
2.       She does not like it when I sing.  99.3 percent of the time, if I start singing, she says “Stop Daddy.”  (That .7 percent is when she wants to delay her bedtime).
3.       She’s obsessed with this British TV show called Peppa Pig.  (We’d never heard of it, but she found it one day while surfing the Internet.)  I don’t care too much about the show, but I am really proud of her for discovering high end British culture at such a young age.
4.       She can almost put her leg behind her head.  She likes to practice when she’s bored, but she can’t quite do it yet.  Maybe next week.
5.       My favorite phrase of hers:  “Let’s talk about it,” which is said whenever I suggest doing something she doesn’t want to do (i.e. turn off the TV, go to bed).
6.       She calls almost everybody her friends, but she generally doesn’t like to be around people.  Although she’s slowly warming up to her cousins, usually when given the choice, she’ll choose to play be herself.  It makes me proud.
7.       She can sense when people are on my bad list (which is fairly long, by the way) and she won’t talk to them if they try to talk to her.  Honest.
8.       People say she looks like me.  I don’t see it, but I do like to think my hair would be like hers if most of it hadn’t already fallen out.
9.       I hope she becomes a swimmer.
10.   A highlight of most of my days is when I get home and she runs over to me saying “Daddy, Daddy” and gives me a big hug.    
11.   Since I had to wait until I was almost 32 before my first child was born, I feel like I enjoy her presence more than a lot of people who had children when they were in their 20’s (or earlier).  So those of you who have to wait even longer than I did, I can only imagine how much you’re going to enjoy those moments.  Believe me, it is definitely worth the wait.
12.   When Gemma is around, everything in the world is better.

And that’s all.