Sunday, March 31, 2013

My sister Mary

I am lucky enough to have six brothers and two sisters.  They’re awesome.  But today I’m just going to write about one of them, my sister Mary.  Recently I’ve been reminded about how especially amazing she is.

Here are eight of the reasons why she tops this week of amazingnessosity:

- Her middle name is Sylvia.

- She’s the only one of my older siblings who never beat up on me (and you can’t say, “that’s because she’s a girl”, because my younger sister beat up on me plenty and as far as I know, she’s a girl too).

- When we were growing up, she used to make chicken enchiladas for our whole family every Sunday (and they even tasted good). 

- She went on a mission before it was trendy for girls to go on a mission.

- She’s possibly the most patient person I’ve ever met.

- Some people say she’s similar to me. 

- She never got too mad at me when I used to leave the milk or cheese out on the kitchen counter (and it happened a lot, believe me).

- But the most amazing thing is that I saw her today and she was still smiling.  Incredible.    

My sister Mary, she’s awesome.  I’m proud to be her brother.

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