Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Complaints

Before I start I should mention that I’m listening to my new favorite song, “As I Am” by one Dan Cahoon. It’s nice.

But let us move on to more important things. I’ve decided to make a list of my current complaints. I think it’s time that people should know.

1. I am so upset right now that KJZZ has pulled Jeopardy from its lineup and replaced it with that sham television show known as Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Did I mention that I’m upset? Well, I am.

2. If Peyton Manning doesn’t play football this year, I’m not watching any games (unless John Beck or Rex Grossman finally revives my Redskins who have been in a coma for a couple of decades). Come on doctors, I place the blame on you. Figure it out. If you were on my team, you’d be running hills right now.

3. I’d like to complain about whatever yahoo (pronounced “yay-who”) put the whole state of Utah’s roadways under construction. I mean come on, moderation in all things. I don’t mind a little here or there, but honestly, this is a bit much.

4. This comment was deleted by the editor (the complaint had something to do with temples and ground-breakings, but the editor didn’t want to be struck by lightning so . . . )

5. This comment was also deleted by the editor (it had something to do with hills and transfers but I want to fired even less than I want to be struck by lightning so . . .)

6. NBA and owners, knock it off. If I don’t have any playoff games to watch come May and June I swear I’m going to self-destruct (although Euro 2012 is next year so that might save me).

7. I’m currently a little upset with Ms. J.K. Rowling. I mean, I know it couldn’t go on forever, but personally, I could have done with a couple more books/movies. You know, two or three would have been nice.

8. I would just like to complain about how little Swiss German I hear these days. I mean, it’s the language of heaven and I barely ever get to hear it. When I die and I meet Peter at the pearly gates, I hope it doesn’t take me too long to remember it. “Und Peter, wie haesh es? Goht’s dir guet?”

9. I do not like the Internet. Yes, I realize the irony of that statement here, but I still don’t like it. True, there are positives, but I think the cyber world has sacrificed quality for quantity (the fact that you’re reading this illustrates my point perfectly). Not only that, but I believe the Internet makes real learning harder, not easier.

10. And finally, I’d like to complain to whomever decided that schools should start at 7:55 a.m. I mean come on, sleep is so precious these days. How about we move it to about 10:37 so I can get a good night’s sleep in?

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