Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today the Mrs. and I went to watch the movie Moneyball. It was good, maybe even really good. I wouldn’t go with great yet (I have this theory that in order for a movie to be great it has to stand the test of time. For example, in a year from now, will I even remember that Moneyball exists? If not, I don’t care how much I liked it on the first viewing, it is not great). Anyway, these are my thoughts about said movie.

1. Actually this is pre-movie. Before the movie started they showed a trailer with Leo in it. That man is one great actor. I think I’m going to need to convert him in the spirit world. I believe that puts the number to six of people I need to convert when I die (if not sooner).

2. To the movie. I really like the song his daughter sings for him. It’s really quite nice. I’m not sure about that loser part at the end, but I like it.

3. Brad Pitt is one good looking guy (and considering that I’m a male, I can’t even imagine what the ladies think when they see him).

4. I sure hope I’m not as nerdy in my step-daddedness as that step-dad was. I’m still cringing actually.

5. I hate the Yankees. I really do. I think I dislike them more than I dislike any organization in the whole word (except for maybe the Columbian drug cartels and the mafia).

6. You should know that I cannot recommend this movie. Why? Because it drops the f-bomb twice and swears fairly often. Would I watch again? Yes (and hopefully that doesn’t lower my chances of converting Leo in the afterlife).

7. I love the idea in the film of taking chances and believing in what you’re doing. My favorite part of the whole movie is when they decide to trade Pena. You’ve got to do what you believe in.

8. I love baseball. I’m so excited for the playoffs. However, if the Braves blow it, I’m going to be really upset for a very long time.

9. I feel exactly the same way about losing as Billy does. I hate to lose a whole lot more than I love to win.

10. Also, the great wins are memorable, but the tough losses you never forget, ever. I’m hoping the Resurrection helps ease the sting of some of those.

And that’s all.


Joleen said...

Re: #8 - I hope the Mrs. is prepared for you to be upset for a very long time. Sorry about that.

Carrie said...

On the topic of baseball movies, the actual Field of Dreams does exist, about two hours from my own Iowa home and on an ironic side note is currently for sale. Also, Ann Romney was at a barbeque last week with some folks from the ward.

PS. Love the cherries post.

Skinny said...

Joleen: I think she's come to accept it.

Carrie: I'm glad you loved the cherries post, I hated cherries. Also, I wish I had met Ann Romney, that would be enlightening.