Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some things you should know:

- I went to Golden Corral yesterday for the first time in my life. It was amazing. If they don’t have buffets in heaven, I’m not going.

- One time I went to Low Book Sales to see about selling the Mrs.’s car. I will not go back. The guy that talked to us reminded me of the dad on Matilda. They have lost my business for eternity. If they are in heaven, I’m not going.

- I do not hate LeBron. I did, but then the Mavs won. So now I don’t.

- My current musical obsession: Trace Adkins—“All I Ask For Anymore”

- I watched three movies the last couple of days that ain’t half bad.

Hereafter—The Mrs. and I cried. Definitely will make the all-time list.

True Grit­—Still haven’t quite wrapped my mind around it. Those Coens are interesting

Saving Private Ryan (edited of course)—Well, since it was edited it was pretty disjointed, but I’m pretty sure I cried every ten minutes. “Earn this”

- I hate spiders and snakes.

- I should be cleaning the bathroom right now. All in good time.

- I don’t want Jimmer to go to the Jazz for the same reason that I don’t want Romney to be president.

- The Mrs. is smart. Way smarter than I am. If you have any questions, ask her.

- I made waffles that were edible for the first time in history today. Mom’s are way better.

- Even though I can make waffles, I still don’t feel adultish. Maybe when I turn 30.

- I think this upcoming year I might actually teach my students somethings. No really, I think I might. I mean, I've been trying for the last four, but I think this might be the year.

That’s all.


Ericsonfam said...

Ok so I haven't seen true grit but wanted to do you think I will like it? Oh and saving private ryan is horrible!! It is so sad and there isn't any talking really throughout the whole show just shooting anyway I would also like an explanation on jimmer and the jazz and romney for president. Thanks for posting I always look forward to them very insightful and entertaining I still think you need to move up here to Brigham!!!:)

Carrie said...

Watch the John Wayne version of True Grit, and then watch the sequel to it, Rooster Cogburn. It earned Mr. Wayne his only Oscar. The new one in comparison is well done, Maddy Ross is better, Rooster is a nice nod to John Wayne's portrayal but the rewrites on the Texan story and the momentum of the ending are off in the new one in my opinion. Yes, I am an expert in all thing John Wayne. Did you know he was the first civilian ever to be awarded a Medal of Honor?