Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to School


I haven't written in a bit and I apologize. I noticed that a couple commentors have requested pictures of something. Next time I promise.

Anyway, school started on the 24th of August and I must say it's good to be back. In fact, it's so good to be back, I'm going to write my ten current favorites regarding my workifying at the Payson High School

1. Beating Salem Hills High (a.k.a. Timpview of Southern Utah County) in soccer.

2. Standing on the sidelines during the football games and acting like I'm actually doing something (actually, I'm pretty sure everybody knows I'm completely useless, but at least they still let me stay there).

3. Teaching U.S. history. 19 years after having my first U.S. history class (Mr. Daniel's fifth grade class) I still love learning about the history of our country.

4. School lunch.

5. Judging the contestants at Payson Idol. I'm pretty ruthless, in case you were wondering.

6. Working for my boss Principal Peery.

7. For once having something to look forward to after school gets out.

8. Trying to keep my students from being bored completely out of their minds (occasionally I succeed, but that's only when I bring food to class).

9. Walking into a classroom and knowing that not all of my students hate me (in fact, I think I've almost convinced one or two of my students that they might actually learn something in my class.

10. Coach Chapman and Coach Johnson. They're my guiding lights.

And that's all for now.

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