Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lists and More Lists

I kind of get excited for these posts where I don’t really know what I’m going to type. I just kind of start typing and see where it takes me. I’m always hoping that maybe something profound will present itself (of course that never actually happens, but it’s worth hoping right).

So, I have a couple of things to note.

One: Today is the ninth anniversary since the day I entered the empty sea. That’s right, on Nov 1, 2000 I left my beautiful Salem and journeyed to the faraway Provo. It was the start of some kind of crazy two years I can tell you. The four most depressing days on my mission were:
- The second day being in Switzerland. I was cold, tired, and we didn’t have one appointment all day (in fact, we didn’t have an appointment until I had been in the field five days).
- The day my sister got married (Have I forgiven my sister for getting married when I was on my mission yet? No)
- The day I found out my kicking coach died.
- The day I went home

Two: As I’ve said before, October is a great sports month. You’ve got the World Series, football, and the NBA starting so I think I’m going to list my five greatest sports memories of all time (in no particular order)
- UCLA beating Missouri in the NCAA basketball tournament in 1995. Edney drove the lane with four seconds and made a sweet layup. It was awesome.
- Me scoring a goal against Timpview my senior year. First time I had ever scored, first time we had ever beat Timpview (too bad I didn’t get my first kiss after the game, that would have completed it)
- Me pitching the winning game of the UBBA tournament in seventh grade. We beat the White Sox, I only gave up three runs.
- The Braves winning the World Series in 1995. I love Greg Maddux.
- The Spurs winning the NBA championship in 2003. I love David Robinson.

Three: The other day I went to visit my friend. She had just started to date this bloke and was wondering about what things should be deal breakers in a relationship (you know, we’re supposed to put up with imperfections, but some things just break the deal right there). Here are some of my deal breakers for any future prospect:
- She can’t accept my obsession with sports.
- She doesn’t get along with her parents.
- She’s not comfortable with silence.
- She doesn’t like the movie Shadowlands.
- She supports the University of Utah (really)

Four: This brings me to another topic, which is: what are the best chick flicks I’ve ever seen. This topic came to my attention the other day when I watched the movie Emma. I really, really liked it and have thus compiled my list. It is as follows (again in no particular order):
- Beauty and the Beast
- Emma
- Runaway Bride
- The Shop Around the Corner
- Becoming Jane
- Shadowlands
- The Lake House
- Wives and Daughters
- Casablanca

Five: Well, for this one I was going to put my list of favorite Apostles but I wasn’t really sure that was appropriate. So instead, I’ve decided to list the favorite books I’ve ever read (all scriptural texts excepted of course). This list is off the top of my head, so I might be forgetting some, but this will do for now.
- David Copperfield
- The Chosen
- The Hiding Place
- The Last Battle (C.S. Lewis)
- Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
- A Passage to India
- Dracula

And that's all


Scott Ericson said...
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Ericson Fam said...

I am truly sorry I got married while you were gone but really you have to get over that!! Okay but another reason to not forgive me I haven't even seen half of your favorite chick flicks but I would like to. I will work on that.

The Montaño’s said...

WOW! You reminded me of some really good chic flicks I'd forgotten about. Whoever introduced you to those, don't let her slip!

Randalls said...

I'm glad you said, Shop Around the Corner... you always kind of reminded me of James Stewart. And in that one he's particularly cranky so the similarities ...well, you know. Hope you're doing great. Sometime if I ever get my book done you can add it to your list. When are you going to post about all the reasons you didn't go to your high school reunion? Three thousand miles away and I made it. What's your excuse?

The Montaño’s said...

Amen to the above comment. :)