Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Questions and Concerns

Well, first off, the home pictures are here. Relax. Just check the last post.

I just have a couple of comments and questions that need to be noted:

1. It’s true, tomorrow I’m going to ShopKo to buy some Rogaine. No, really, I am. (And Rogaine IS in the Microsoft dictionary, that means it must be legitimate).

2. I talked to a girl for a solid thirty minutes the other nite. I know you don’t believe me, but I did. So there.

3. What are “hops” actually. Beer commercials always talk about “hops.” What are they?

4. Speaking of which, last week at family home evening we talked about the funnest thing we’ve ever done and I’ll have you know, now that I’m a sophisticated and mature, the word, “d---s” didn’t even enter my mind. Even on April 20th.

5. It’s time for my annual comments on the NBA playoffs. Let it be known that the Spurs are still my team. However, since Brother Ginobili and the Spurs is gone, I’ll just be happy if the Cavs and the Lakers don’t win. And if the LeBrons play the Kobes, I’m pulling for the Kobes (didn’t think I’d ever say or write that, but there you have it).

6. I’m no longer as upset as I was two weeks ago.

7. I have another thing to add to my Celestial food menu. Kebabs and Crème Soda are already on it. Rice Krispy treats need to be added.

8. Do you think Zac Efron can actually play basketball (Efron is NOT in Microsoft dictionary, which probably means he’s not legitimate).

9. One problem with ranting and raving on Facebook/my web log, you never really know who might come across it. This whole universal access thing has made me censor some things that I definitely would have included in the old email format (for those of you who don‘t know, this randomness used to be sent out in periodic emails, sorry you missed out).

10. I still plan on marrying Celine Dion when I grow up, in case you were wondering.

And that’s all

The Teach


Joleen said...

Look up "beer" in Wikipedia and it explains hops. I was wondering a while back too until I Googled it.

The Montaño’s said...

That is SOME carpet and congrats on no longer being a property virgin! I doubt Efron can play b-ball and Kobe over LeBron? Please say that was a type-o!!
P.S. I saw Celine live in SLC this Feb. Marry her, she has a FAB body and of course that voice!! :)
O- and i think a radio in the t.p. dispenser is pure genius!

Jana B. said...

wow, what restraint - on Apr. 20th and everything. and zac for sure can play basketball. have you never seen HMS 3?!

Beck's said...

I really enjoyed your blog today. I am very impressed with the home improvements that you made.

Randalls said...

Our most recent apartment had a clinging leafy plant growing up the front porch railing. I was enchanted and encouraged it by tying up various vines, watering and trimming it. It smelled fabulous. The kids played with the flowers. I didn't know until my horticulturalist father came to town that I was lovingly raising a crop of my own hopps. (Read: In another life I must have been a brewer.)

Nate said...

Forget the Rogaine; you need steroids. That will hair all over your body and might do a few other things too! haha :)