Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Sweet Job

Teachifying is, in my most humble opinion, a fantastic job, one of the best in fact (definitely not for everybody though, especially if you don‘t like people). Not only do I get to be a teacher, but I get to teach at one of the greatest high schools of all time: Payson High School, Home of the Mighty Lions (yes, yes, it is true, there were my arch enemy when I was in high school., but I’ve since repented).

So, as I was thinking about my sweet job, I decided to make a list of the top ten things that I like about my job at the Paysonian High School:

1. My principal, the Mr. Peery. He’s amazing. If you ever get a chance to meet him, tell him “hello.” I’m pretty sure he doesn‘t have any shortcomings (except that he speaks French).

2. Assemblies. Right now I’m sitting in a lip sync assembly. Interesting. The techno-twins just went. High school students can be, when given creative freedom, very interesting to say the least. I’m now suffering through an encore of the Techno-twins. Will this torture never end?

3. School lunch. Seriously, where can you get such a fantastically, healthy, tasty meal for just $2.75 (besides the closest senior center of course).

4. The weight room. I’ve actually never used it (I don’t really need it obviously), but how sweet is it that I have open access to a weight room. Shoot, who needs a gym pass.

5. Students who don’t complain or constantly make excuses. I think I found three so far, but I’m thinking there’s probably another one somewhere. I’m still looking.

6. My 2B and 1A classes. Word Ry-Masta and Squanto. (I should here note that all classes are not created equal by the way. For example, some classes, every time they enter, I just want to hide).

7. Mike the Janitor. He owns a Harley Davidson and rides with a whole group of bikers. He invited me to go with his motorcycle pack on a drive through Zions this week. I'm seriously considering it (if I can get over my fear of motorcycles, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, etc.)

8. All of the counselors/secretaries. One of the secretaries told me she had a dream that she needs to set me up with someone. Another said that she has a goal of setting me up on at least four dates before the end of the year. And that was just last week.

And those are just some of the reasons why I have the sweetest job in the world.


Anthony D said...

You should totally take up the offer to ride through Zions! That would be way cool! I need to find some biker friends who want to do that some day...

Joleen said...

Top 10 list only turned into a Top 8. I want my other two.