Sunday, September 1, 2013


These are twenty reasons why I consider myself to be a pretty lucky person:
1.       I didn’t watch the BYU football game yesterday.
2.       Gemma is not a teenager.
3.       I got to spend two years in the Switzerland handing out little blue books.
4.       I’m a coach.
5.       I didn’t attend the University of Utah.
6.       The Mrs. and Holden haven’t kicked me out yet.
7.       I still have some hair.
8.       The fasting part of Fast Sunday is almost over (Easily the worst day of the month.)
9.       I get to be mentored by Jeremy Chapman and Stewart Wright.
10.   I had a Son of Baconator combo yesterday.
11.   I’m Daunis and Chad’s boy.
12.   I once watched the movies Amazing Grace and Shadowlands.  (Not at the same time of course.)
13.   I took some Hungarian dance classes at the B.Y.
14.   I have the best job in the world.
15.   I haven’t had to go camping in more than a year.
16.   I was once roommates with Stephen E. Frandsen.
17.   I don’t live in California, Arizona, or St. George.
18.   I know how to read.
19.   The Mrs. has better fashion sense than I do.
20.   Mr. Bart Peery was once my boss.

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