Monday, May 26, 2008

ten things to note

1. i do not do drugs. nor do i intend to in the near future.

2. i do not have any enemies. however, if i had to choose an enemy it would either be stephen e. frandsen or amanda r. lockhart. it's a never ending battle with those two.

3. i do not like the new england patriots. however, i think tom brady and i would get along just fine if we were ever to meet.

4. high school kids are the most underrated age group on the planet.

5. if i had one wish it would be that the soccer team i coach could at least win one region game this year (we didn't last year, but the times, they are a chanin').

6. i tend to be religious, but whenever people start to talk about religious things in a group setting (outside of church meetings naturally), i generally try to change the subject as quickly as possible (usually by making some comment about how much i hate the lakers).

7. i have a sweet green minivan.

8. i don't think i understand the meaning of the word "love." what does it mean actually?

9. i don't understand how tall people kiss short people without hurting their backs.

10. although a history teacher, i have a very hard time not becoming totally apathetic to politics.


Mike and Jess said...

I have also wondered many times about the tall and short people kissing... but you have experience with that, did you ever talk about it?

Rex said...
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Skinny said...

jess: she wasn't that short. but no, we never talked about it.

The Teej said...

history is politics perfected. hindsight is 20/20, of course. Current politics is not in any associated with history - if it were, politics would not longer be a dirty word.